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The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords – You Better Be Using Them

benefits of long tail keywordsIt doesn’t really matter what kind of online business you run, everyone should know the benefits of long tail keywords. And its not all just about traffic. I mean sure, long tail keywords are a must when it comes to organic traffic generation, but they are more than just a good way to get traffic.

What Makes Long Tail Keywords So Great For Traffic Generation

Long tail keywords are great for generating organic search engine traffic due to one reason…lack of competition.

As you should know, when you type in a search term into Google and the results come up, these results aren’t just picked at random. The websites that are ranking near the top of Google for these terms are fighting tooth and nail to outrank the other sites, because with higher rankings you will get more traffic.

Keyword ranking is a battlefield and you will get slaughtered if you don’t know what you are doing.

Less Competition = Winning

If you target short tail keywords you are never going to win unless you have some massive website that has been around for years and has lots of authority, but chances are you don’t.

Targeting a keyword like “men’s basketball shoes” is going to be a fight that you won’t win. There are over 5.5 million search results in Google for this keyword. Don’t even bother trying to compete for that.

So what do you do if you are trying to sell men’s basketball shoes online and you can’t target the main keyword? Resort to long tail keywords of course. Take your original keyword and make it more specific.

If some of the men’s basketball shoes you are selling Converse, then target the keyword “Converse men’s basketball shoes” or something of that nature.

As you can see below, just adding one extra word to the search term dramatically lowered the amount of search results, which means less competition.

And of course this is a very basic example of the relationship between specificity and competition. You might be able to add multiple words on that make your search term more specific, thus having less competition. It all depends.

Its Not Just About Traffic, Think About Conversions Too

Not only are long tail keywords a necessity when it comes to driving organic search traffic to your website, but they are also great for conversions. And really if you just think about it you will understand.

Lets say you have a website that sells or promotes guitars and you write an article on the Les Paul guitar. Of course Google will rank you for keywords naturally, but lets say you don’t specifically target any keyword. And lets be very unrealistic and say you rank very high in Google for the keyword “Les Paul guitar”, which isn’t going to happen.

This keyword is obviously very general. You are trying to sell the guitar here but you are going to be getting all sorts of traffic from that search term. You will be getting tons of people that have no interest at all in buying the guitar, many of them probably just searched it to see what it was.

That general keyword is not going to convert well at all. But now lets say you get more specific with your target keyword. Lets say you target “used gibson les paul guitars for sale”. Now we are talking. Not only does this keyword specify the condition of the guitars you are writing about, but it also is directly targeting buyers. Only buyers are going to look up “for sale” and your conversion rates are going to be much better from this keyword than the other.

How To Find The Perfect Long Tail Keyword

If you just go out and think you are going to come up with great long tail keywords just by making terms more specific think again. I showed you how there was much less competition in Google for “converse men’s basketball shoes” than there was for “men’s basketball shoes”, but that was just to get the point across. This still doesn’t tell you much of anything about how easy it is going to be to rank for that keyword.

Without a doubt you are going to need to use a keyword research tool if you aren’t already. With a good keyword research tool you can type in any keyword and find out how much competition there is for that exact term, how many searches there are for it, how much traffic you can expect from it if you get ranked, and more.

Personally I use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, but there are lots others out there. You can read my review of Jaaxy here. The reason I use this one is because it provides everything I need to know about a keyword so that I can decide whether its a good one to target or not.

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