Is Viridian Energy a Scam? A Pyramid Scheme Possibly?

Viridian Energy makes a lot of promises to its customers and to its associates, but should you trust them? Or is Viridian Energy a scam and nothing more? I have reviewed this company and if you were interested in getting started with them you should read this.

The main thing I’m going to be going over hear is the business opportunity that Viridian Energy offers. Is it worth it? Can your really make as much money as they lead you to believe? Should you get started? In this review I hope to clear up a bunch of your questions and help you decide whether or not its right for you.

viridian-energy-reviewViridian Energy Review

Viridian Energy was in 2009 by Michael Fallquist. The entire goal of the company was to make green energy affordable to the general public (Although some people might say they only care for the money).

Besides giving customers the ability to hook up your home to green energy providers, like wind and solar, and providing eco-friendly energy saving devices like smart thermostats, Viridian also has a MLM style business opportunity in place where anyone can make money selling their products and building their own team.

Viridian Energy is just one of many MLM style energy providers that have popped up over the years to capitalize on the deregulation of energy. One of the most popular companies companies like this is Ambit Energy.

Viridian Products

Viridian products

Viridian’s products fall into 4 main categories… electricity, natural gas, solar, and travel. All of thier products have monthly charges.


Through Viridian you can hook your home or business up to an eco-friendly power grid at competitive rates.

Natural Gas

Powering your home with natural gas reduces carbon emissions when compared to many other energy providers. Viridian offers natural gas at competitive rates.


You can get solar panels installed through Viridian and also have them maintained.


  • They offer what they call “Zero Carbon Travel”. This includes hotel and car rentals as well as cruises, all of which use eco-conscious methods.

Viridian Business Opportunity

Their products are good in my opinion. I am a big fan of eco-friendly products and I see it as a necessity in the future. But I’m sure most of you are reading this to know more about the business opportunity here. So here we go…

2 Ways to Make Money as A Viridian Associate

There are 2 ways that you can make money when you sign up to be an associate, which is just what they call their independent contractors.

You can make money by either selling the Viridian Energy products that I listed above to the general public, or you can make money by recruiting new associates to work on your “team”.

Making Money Selling Viridian Products vs Recruiting Other Associates

You can make decent money selling their products individually if you are good as this type of thing. When you get a new customer you will receive what is called a customer acquisition bonus. And on top of that you will receive commissions each month when those customers pay their monthly bill.

But if you really want to make good money with Viridian, you are going to have to build your own team. You are going to have to go out there and recruit as many people as possible. Because with all of the associates you recruit, you can make money from their efforts. And the reason for this is that Viridian has a MLM style commission structure…

Commission Structure

Viridian Energy has a MLM commission structure. MLM stands for multi-level marketing, and basically what this means is that when you are an associate, you can go out and recruit people to work beneath you and you will receive commissions from the work that they do.

You could think of this as a pyramid style hierarchy, where you are at the top of your pyramid, you have your recruits beneath you, and then their recruits beneath them, and so on.

And for all those that think this is a pyramid scheme, NO its is not.

Although it has many similar characteristics to a pyramid scheme it has one key difference.

The key difference is that legitimate MLM’s sell products, whereas pyramid schemes do not and only rely on people buying into the scheme to pay their members.

Viridian of course has legitimate products so it is not an illegal pyramid scheme.

The Cost of Becoming an Associate

In order to become and associate and get the opportunity to make money by promoting Viridian products and recruiting new members, you have to first pay a either $299, $99, or $398 for everything.

The $299 for the Associate setup will give you a starter kit for you to get out there and promote their products. You will get promotional content and access to the members area.

The $99 is for Travel Light setup. This gives you access to their discount “zero carbon” travel program and also gives you the right to sell it to others as an associate.

You can chose to only purchase one of these associate plans or both together.

Its More Difficult Than It Seems

I think its important to go over the fact that this business opportunity is much more difficult than they make it seem. Viridian makes it seem like its the next best thing since sliced bread, but the truth is that most people do not succeed when it comes to this.

According to their income disclosure from 2015 (newest one I could find), 42.8% of people that enrolled as associates failed to make a single dollar, which means they never even achieved the rank of associate.

Then $13.4% of associates, who actually made it to the Associate rank, made only $5 per month on average. Next there is the “senior associate” rank. These people accounted for 34.8% of all associates and only made $28 a month.

I’m not going to go over this entire chart, but you can look through and get an idea of what its saying.

If you add those numbers up that I just went over, this means that over 90% of all associates made less than $28 per month.

The point I am making is that MLM opportunities like this are never as easy as people lead you to believe. The large majority of people who buy into them fail miserably.

My Number 1 Complaint

I could complain about how they lead you to believe that it is so easy to make money with them just to get you to sign up. But my number one complaint here is that this company somewhat scams its customers.

People think that they are going “green” and saving the planet when it comes to Viridian, but this isn’t exactly the case. You would think that their energy is totally green, that it all comes from solar wind farms and solar grids, but this isn’t true.

They try to make it seem like it is all clean energy, but the truth is that this energy comes from coal, nuclear power plants, and all of the normal energy producers as you can see in the disclosure label I found below…

Final Thoughts & Do I Recommend Viridian Energy?

I don’t particularly care for Viridian Energy. Not only do they mislead their customers about the cleanliness of their energy, but they also mislead their associates about how difficult it is to make money.

And why do they do this??? Well, because their number one goal isn’t to have make green energy affordable to the mass public, it is to make as much money as possible. And this is usually the case with MLM’s like this.

The Opportunity Outlook

The way I see it, if you live in the US or Australia where Viridian has been around for a while I wouldn’t even bother with it. The markets are too saturated and it is already difficult enough to make money doing this.

The only time I would recommend becoming an associate with Viridian is if you live in a country where Viridian just came into the market in. This way the market is bran new and there is a lot of potential.

What do you think about Viridian Energy? Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them below in the comment section…


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