Is Secret Income Formula a Scam? – Its Definitely No Secret

Secret Income Formula (My Secret Income Formula) claims to be the “secret” to making money online. But its actually no secret at all and I am very familiar with it. If you are wondering is Secret Income Formula a scam then you are in the right place.

I have reviewed this little program and will be exposing it for what it really is…. which isn’t as it seems. The truth is that you can make money with what they are trying to sell you but its just not as easy as they make you believe it is.

My Secret Income FormulaSecret Income Formula Review

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  • Creator: Michelle P.
  • Price: $37/mo + lots of upsells
  • Recommended?: No, more on this

Before I get into what this program really is, I first want to point out a few of the many lies that they throw in your face. It is good to show you these because there are often subtle signs of programs like this being scams and here are a few that I came across…

Lie #1 – Limited Spots Available

As you can see from the screenshot I took below, it tells you that there are limited spots available in your area. This is just a trick to try to get you to buy the program as quick as possible so that you don’t take the time to look for reviews like mine here. There are NOT limited spots and I know this for sure because I am very familiar with the actual program they are trying to sell you here, which I will go over shortly.

Lie #2 – Its Not BBB Accredited

At the top of the one page they also claim that this program is BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited. This is absolutely not true and if you go to the BBB’s website you will not find any information that backs up this false claim.

This is just another way that they try to make this program seem more credible than it really is. But its all a lie.

Lie #3 – Its Not Trustwave Certified

Also at the top of the page they display an image claiming to be Trustwave certified. And on that image you can see that it says “click to validate” as you can see below…

However… you can’t click it to validate it. This is because that is a fake certificate. Its just an image that anyone could put up on a website but its not real.

What This Program Really Is

Basically this “Secret Income Formula” program is just a cover for another program. There is no real program called Secret Income Formula. This website was just set up to funnel you into buying another program called My Super Affiliate Mentor.

I am very familiar with this place because I wrote a review on it in the past.

But it doesn’t end there… My Super Affiliate Mentor is also just a funnel program to get you to buy into another program called The Super Affiliate Network, which I have also reviewed.

I know this may seem very confusing but it is what it is.

Ok, so to summarize how this all works here you go: Secret Income Formula funnels you into a program called My Super Affiliate Mentor and then My Super Affiliate Mentor funnels you into a program called The Super Affiliate Network.

The real program being sold here is The Super Affiliate Network so I’ll go a little more into detail on this.

What is The Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network is a high-ticket online affiliate marketing training program. Basically what it does is provides training and tools and helps you build an online business where you make money promoting other peoples products. And more specifically it teaches you to go out and promote The Super Affiliate Network to other people and make money off of it.

It is one of those “buy this program and you can make a lot of money by getting others to buy this program” type of deals.

I am not saying that you can’t make money in other ways other than promoting it. You could apply the tools and training and promote other products to earn money legitimately, but the training and tools that you get when you buy this are specifically designed to get you to go out and promote this program to others.

The Cost

One thing that you definitely need to know is that this isn’t cheap. In order to make good money with this you are going to have to spend a heck of a lot.

The Super Affiliate Network takes a “licensing rights” approach to their business and what this means is that you first have to buy their products before you can promote them. These range in price from a $35/mo membership all the way up to $1,997. And if you want any good chance of making good money you are going to have to buy more than just the $35/mo membership.

The Reality of This Program

There are people that make good money with The Super Affiliate Network. There is no doubt about that. But the reality is that most people don’t. The overwhelming majority of people that buy into high-ticket programs like this that teach you to go out and promote the program to others don’t make it anywhere and end up giving up.

This is very similar to other high-ticketed programs like MOBE and ASPIRE where the majority of people also fail.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Ok, so Secret Income Formula is definitely a scam in my opinion. Its just a funnel that is filled with lies and misleading information that funnels you to another program which then funnels you to another program.

I don’t consider the real program here (The Super Affiliate Network) to be a pure scam. There is a lot of somewhat “scammy” aspects to this program and they do make it seem way easier than it really is to make money with it, but it still does provide a lot of valuable information that you can put to good use.

But overall, I definitely don’t recommend it. Its just too costly for most people and its not realistic that the average person will make money with it.

If you are looking for a more legitimate and realistic way to make money online then I would suggest to take a peek at how I make money online. It is much more realistic and practical for average people to be able to make money online and be successful doing what I do than doing what The Super Affiliate Network teaches you to do.

I make a living working online and it has nothing to do with selling high-ticket products like this. You can read a post I wrote about it by clicking the link below. In this post I go over what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can get started doing the same.

–> You can read my post here

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