Is Now Lifestyle a Scam? What You Should Know

If you are looking to buy into Now Lifestyle there are a few things that you should know first. What am I talking about? Is Now Lifestyle a scam or something?

Whether or not this program is a scam is exactly what I was wondering and that is the whole reason I decided to take a look into it. Whether or not you are looking to buy into Now Lifestyle for the business opportunity or for health reasons, you are going to want to read this review.

Now LifestyleNow Lifestyle Review

Now Lifestyle is a mlm company in the health and fitness niche, similar to Take Shape for LifeIt Works!, and Shaklee.

It was founded by Joel Therien in 2017 who has been in this industry for years.

They sell both health and fitness related products as well as business growth products if you are in it for the business opportunity.

There are 2 types of people that are interested in what this place has to offer. There are those that are buying in strictly to get in better shape and to be healthy, and then there are those that are buying in to make money off of this by promoting it to others.

The Products

Health & Fitness

There are 2 products that they currently have available here that fall into the health and fitness category. There is the Health & Wellness Program and there is the Home Workout System.

The Health & Wellness Program provides a custom nutrition and exercise package for you. This can be used for up to 5 family members. How you use this program is you will first have to fill out your profile online. After filling this out it will generate a custom workout schedule for you for the next 10 days along with a nutrition plan.

The Home Workout System is to be used in coordination with the customized workout schedule that you have been generated. This system is simply a platform with resistance bands attached to it that you can use for various different home exercises.

My Critique: This entire workout system is based around being as easy as possible. It is going to provide you with short 7 minute workouts. Joel claims that these 7 minute workouts are all he has ever done to get the body that he has today but honestly I don’t buy it.

He claims that he used to be an amateur bodybuilder where he was obsessed with health and fitness. This doesn’t make sense because a 7 minute workout is for someone that hates working out and is trying to take the shortcut.

Anyway, there is no way in heck he got to where he is today by doing these 7 minute workouts 3 times a week. I am willing to bet money on that.

Business Opp

The other 2 products that Now Lifestyle has are made for those that are in the business opp side of this thing are an autoresponder and a traffic co op.

The autoresponder is an email marketing tool that is used to send out emails to prospects automatically. This is a must-have when it comes to online business of any kind and its nice that it is included here.

The traffic co op is also a good product to have. Everyone needs traffic to make sales. Now Lifestyle claims to be able to get you targeted traffic for cheaper than you can get elsewhere.

The Comp Plan

A lot of people are looking into Now Lifestyle to make money. As mentioned, this company does have a mlm structure, which basically means that you can recruit other people into the business and make money off of their efforts.

The comp plan is really hyped up and is even said to be “the most lucrative way to ever make money online”. This only makes me suspicious because of this extremely bold and ridiculous claim. But anyways.. lets see what this is all about…

Direct Commissions

The commission rate that you get for all your direct sales is set at 50%. This is a fairly high number and definitely on the better side of things when it comes to opportunities like this.

Matching Bonus

On top of that you will also get 50% matching bonuses on the money that your direct referrals make. So if you refer in Adam, and he makes $1,000 then you will get a $500 check from that.

This matching bonus is what is going to make you the most money potentially because it can roll up from far far down in your downline. For example: Ok, so you referred Adam. Now lets say he referred Sam. And lets say that same made $1,000 in commissions from direct sales. Adam will then get a 50% matching bonus on that so he will get $500. And then you will get a 50% matching bonus on the bonus that Adam just got, which will be $250. This matching bonus can come from many levels deep.

Binary Structure

On top of the matching bonus and direct commissions, there is also a Binary Structure in place.

There are 2 sides to a binary structure. And your job is to recruit new members in, filling the spots on your left and right team.

The way you get paid with this commissions structure is like this: For every 6 people recruited below you it is called a cycle. And each cycle pays you up to $20. If you have good members on your team that are good at recruiting this can add up fast and holds a lot of money making potential.

One Thing You Need To Know

This may sound like an amazing business opportunity but one thing you need to know is that this is NOT easy. In mlm’s like this the overwhelming majority of people end up failing. Its just the way things are.

In order to make good money you have to recruit, recruit, recruit. You need to build up your downline and make money from what they do. Everyone in this business that actually makes good money knows darn well that the key is recruitment.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

If you are looking to buy into Now Lifestyle to get fit then I wouldn’t recommend it. The custom workout and nutrition program isn’t that great. Its not really all that ” custom”. Its just a cookie cutter computer generated program that comes from the small amount of information that you fill your profile in with. And the home workout system is something you could make yourself very easily for $60 or so.

I don’t think that Now Lifestyle is a complete scam but I also don’t believe that its going to give you the results it leads you to believe it will.

The only reason I would recommend this is for the business opportunity. It does have some big potential. The only thing is that you have to be one heck of a recruiter to make it in this business. If you don’t have that salesperson type of personality then this might not be a great fit for you.

This is a quality that most people just don’t have. Personally, I don’t have anything even close to the personality it takes to make it here.  I just wouldn’t be any good at recruiting. If you are like me then I would recommend you take a peek at how I make money online.

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