Is Lotto Magic a Scam?

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So I’ve been seeing a lot of complaints about Lotto Magic and need to straighten this out. What you are all wondering is “is Lotto Magic a scam?” It sure looks like that to me.

First off, what is Lotto Magic? It sure sounds like a scam

Lotto Magic is an online lottery membership club. It has different membership levels which come with different possibilities of earning.

Basically what happens is you sign up for a membership and are able to play in a ton of different lottery drawings to increase your chances of winning. you are also able to participate in lottery pools that increase your chances of winning.

But just because your chances of winning are greater does NOT mean its a smart idea financially.

It CANNOT be a good idea, literally it can’t

The lottery makes a ton of money right? And where do they make it?

They make all their money from all the people that are losing!

And for them to actually make money, this means their needs to be more people losing than winning. So that they bring in more money than they pay out.

If you would buy every single ticket in the lottery you would have 100% chance of winning right? Well once you do win, you would have spent WAY more money buying those tickets than the jackpot you just won.

This is how lottery’s work and this is why they raise so much money. Because people dream of winning big bucks, but the odds are greatly out of their favor along with every one else’s.

So Lotto Magic Cannot work

Its true that they increase your chances of winning by buying a ton of tickets for you and entering you into lottery pools and all of that.

But still, the fundamentals of the lottery are the same. There is more money LOST than won. So it doesn’t really matter how many tickets they buy for you.

There is some controversy on how Lotto Magic actually works

When it says that you can make money even if you never win, thats actually the truth. lotto-magic-scam

And there could be 2 reasons for this

Possibility #1

The reason you are able to make money even when you don’t win is because it has nothing to do with the lottery. They claim that they actually buy you all these lottery tickets each month but I don’t know if I believe this.

It could be nothing more than a pyramid scheme, where the memebership money is distributed as “winnings” to members ranked higher.

Using the lottery as an excuse is what a lot of people think is going on. Why the lottery? Because its legal and people know there is a lot of money that is won. People also know that winning the lottery is very rare.

And what Lotto Magic says is that they increase your chances of winning.

Claiming that its the lottery, saying your increasing your chances of winning if you join? This is a great way to trick people. And that could be what they are doing.

Possibility #2

It could actually be legitimate.

In this case you would sign up for a membership which would increase your chances of winning greatly. You would be able to enter in a large number of lottery drawings. You would also be able to play in as big of a lottery pool as you want.

So in theory the way that Lotto Magic says it works should work somewhat. But its still isn’t a good idea!!!!

Why it seems like a scam to me

As if the basics of how Lotto Magic works aren’t bad enough already. Here are some reasons why I think it might be a complete scam.

There is just a lot of false and misleading information on the site. This is an obvious and great way to detect a scam.

First off, as soon as the video on their homepage starts you will see this lotto-magic

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This also seems a little strange to me. Lotto Magic purchases all of your tickets for you of course. And they say that they keep all of the tickets at a home office in a fire-proof safe. lotto-magic-is-a-scam

This must be one heck of a massive safe because with all of the members they have, along with all of the tickets they buy per member, thats a lot of tickets!

Final thoughts on Lotto Magic

Its just not worth it in my opinion. The very basics of the lottery prove that it isn’t worth it even if the number of tickets and lottery pools increase your chances of winning.

Besides that, there is the possibility that this is a scam. It is unregulated (doesn’t need to be but still). There are a lot of “red flags” that I see on their site that seem suspicious.

I would not join this site if I were you.

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