Is Home Job Source a Scam? You Might Want To Read This!

Home Job Source claims to be the “#1 source for an internet career”, but should you actually trust what they tell you? Or is Home Job Source a scam?

I have reviewed this program and much of what they tell you is very misleading along with some blatant lies. So if you were thinking about signing up and buying into this you might want to think again.

Take 5 minutes and read over my short review. You will be glad that you did.

Home Job Source reviewHome Job Source Review

  • Name: Home Job Source
  • Website:
  • Creator: Kelly Simmons
  • Price: $97 + upsells
  • Recommended?: I’ll go over this at the end!

You might be swayed to join into this program by how amazing the opportunity sounds and by Kelly Simmons’ incredible story of being a single mom that went from living paycheck to paycheck to making $379/day online.

But what you need to know is that this opportunity is far from what it seems.

The first thing I am going to go over in this review are some straight up lies that they throw in your face. And then I’ll get into what this program really is and why it is VERY misleading.

The Lies They Tell You

#1 This Program Was Never Featured On The News

At the top of the sales page they claim that this program has been featured on CNN, USA Today, Fox News, etc. But this is nothing more than a lie.

Home Job Source scam

You can go to CNN, Fox News, or any of the other news outlets’ websites and search for Home Job Source and there will be nothing that comes up that is related to this program. You can also search for Kelly Simmons on any of these sites and there will be nothing related that comes up.

#2 Kelly Simmons Does Not Exist

Kelly Simmons is supposedly the author of the sales page and the person that created Home Job Source. She supposedly was once a struggling mother until she came across this incredible way to make money online. And of course that is all history now because she makes hundreds of dollars a day from home.

Below you can see a screenshot of her from the Home Job Source Sales page…

But forget about all of that because its nothing but a lie. Kelly Simmons is a a completely fabricated person that was made up for nothing more than to relate to people and to help sell this program. This fake persona has been used in so many scams I even wrote a post about Kelly Simmons specifically.

Just to give you an example, Kelly Simmons was the creator of an identical program called Home Jobs Today that you can see a screenshot of below…Kelly Simmons Home Jobs Today

The Underlying Truth of This Program

As I’ve said, much of what they tell you is very misleading. Although some of it is true, they really oversell this opportunity and make it seem way easier than it actually is.

Kelly Simmons tells you that there are companies that are desperate for you to independently post links for them from home. And this is true. Companies save money by having people promote products for them by posting links from home on their computers.

Its called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing’s business model is pretty simple. You promote products for a company by posting links online (these are known as affiliate links). Every time someone clicks one of your links and buys the product you were promoting, you get paid a commission from the company.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and is actually how I make a living working online. But the fact of the matter is that it is not as easy as Kelly Simmons tells you.

Its Not Quite That Simple!

Although affiliate marketing is legit, its not quite as simple as she leads you to believe.

The “income calculator” that is displayed on the sales page allows you to enter the amount of time you want to work per day and see how much money you can make. This is just about the most far-fetched thing I have seen.

As you can see I put that I would post 35 links a day into the calculator, each one earning me $20, and I would just be working 1 day a week. And its telling me that I would be making $700 a week, making that in just the single day I worked. LOL.

There is absolutely NO WAY you can accurately predict the amount of money you will make per link. A link could make you $0 and it also could make you $1,000. It just depends on so many different factors. There is no way to predict the amount of people that are going to click that link, buy the product, and ultimately earn you a commission.

Saying that you will make $15, $20 or however much per link is a ridiculous claim that no one should make.

It Takes More Skill Than She Tells You

If it were this easy everyone would be doing it! Simple as that.

You can’t just go around spamming links everywhere and expect people to click on them and buy things. It doesn’t work like that. If you use the approach she tells you then you will absolutely fail miserably.

Final Thoughts & My Suggestion

Obviously I do not recommend this program. It is full of lies and very misleading information. You just cannot trust places like this that lead you to believe that its going to be some amazingly easy opportunity that is going to make you hundreds of dollars per day. Its just not going to happen.

My guess is that if you buy into Home Job Source you will be given a really crappy website and will be left needing a lot more to make all of this work out. You will feel forced to buy into upsells and even then you will have trouble making any money. I say this because I am very familiar with programs like this.

My Suggestion

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, which as I said is a legitimate way to make money online, then I suggest you read my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

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It is a great place for beginners to start out and it is where I started out. There is easy to follow step by step training. And possibly the best part of it all is that they have a free membership where you can get started for free and test drive the system. I have already written a review that you can read by clicking the link below if you want to know more…

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Comments, questions, concerns?? Leave them below in the comment section and I will get back to you within 24 hours…


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