Is Facebook Cash Code a Scam? Yep, And I Have Proof

is facebook cash code a scamThis Facebook Cash Code Scam has got to stop. Everything they tell you is a bunch of B.S. Facebook and Zuckerburg himself have absolutely nothing to do with this scam. The scammers who put this all together are just using their names because everybody already knows of Facebook and trusts it. They are promoting this scam as being connected to Facebook just to try to gain your credibility and trust, but don’t fall for it. In this review  I will prove to you that its nothing more than a scam and you will be glad you didn’t sign up.

Facebook Cash Code Review

  • Website:
  • Founders: Unknown
  • Price: $47 to start (then $69.95/mo)
  • Rating: 1/10 (Scam all the way)

To start off this review I want to point out a few common scam tactics that are used with this Facebook Cash Code scam. These are something that you should look out for next time you come across a program like this that gives you some suspicion.

Red Flag #1 – Fake News

At the top of the page where they try to get you to sign up you will see that they say this program has been featured on the news. This is just another tactic to try to gain credibility.

Its not difficult at all to prove that this simply isn’t true. I have checked CNN, ABC, USA Today, etc. for any article related to Facebook Cash Code and have came up with nothing. This scam program has never been featured on the news and you can go to any of these news’ websites and check for yourself if you wish.

And as for the news video you will see after you sign up, its more than likely a complete fake. Anyone can go to and hire someone for cheap to make a very professional news broadcast. You can’t trust these although they seem legit.

Fake Payment

On the sales page they display what is supposed to be payment proof. Its is supposedly a check that Emily Young earned while using this Facebook Cash Code system. I took a screenshot of this below…Facebook cash code payment

The problem with this is that the check is fake. As you can see on the check it has a routing number of 049169, which doesn’t exist for any bank I can find in the United States. The check is also dated from 2012, which is also strange considering it is 2017.

Anyway, you can’t ever trust payment proofs that you see online. Often times when someone is flashing their payments in your face it is a scam. Anyone can fake these images online.

Fake Testimonials

Yep, thats right. As if fake news and a fake check weren’t enough, the testimonials are also all fake. Its funny because the one testimonial image that they use for “Rachel Heinz” was used for another scam that I reviewed. 

Anyway, here is where these scammers got this photo from. It actually comes from an article that was about dating.

The Scam Behind It All

This section is going to be short because they don’t really tell you anything. This is one of the vaguest scams I have come across. You have no idea how you will be making your money. They tell you that it has to do with Facebook but other than that you don’t know.

I’m guessing that is some crap affiliate marketing training that isn’t going to do anything for you. For those of you that don’t know, affiliate marketing is when you promote products for a company online and get paid commission for every sale you help make. Its and awesome business model and its what I specialize in, but there is no way that this extremely scammy program is going to do anything for you.

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But anyways, back to this Facebook Cash Code scam. Its funny that they expect you to purchase their scam product without even telling you anything about it. Believe me when I say that a legitimate opportunity will be explained so that you know what you are getting into. Just thing about it… when have you seen a company or someone that you know is legit promote a product and not tell you anything about it? I guess you do see it occasionally but normally thats not how things work.

Facebook Cash Code is a Scam!

Ok, so they try to trick you with fake news, they show a fake payment to try to prove its real, they try to butter you up with fake testimonials, and they tell you just about nothing on what you will have to do to actually make money. Sounds like a pure scam to me and I hope your realize it too.

I would absolutely not invest in this program.

Update: I just realized that this is just another variation of a scam I had reviewed a while ago called Facebook Bananza, aka Secret Facebook Cash System.


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