Is EZ Money Team a Scam? Don’t Sign Up!

EZ Money Team claims to be an amazing online money making opportunity. But can they be trusted? Are they legit, or is EZ Money Team a scam just waiting to steal your hard earned money?

If you were thinking about buying into this program then put your wallet away and think again. I have reviewed this opportunity and it is NOT what they lead you to believe.

is ez money team a scamEZ Money Team Review

  • Name: EZ Money Team
  • Creator: Jeffrey Hart
  • Price: $67
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

The people behind this program really go overboard when they are promoting it. I mean, jeez.. they tell you in the sales video that you will make $1 million in the first year if you follow this system to a T. That is ridiculous.

And of course everything is already done for you. All the research, hard work, etc.. all done for you.

And then they get you will the… Oh No! there are only 50 spots left trick. Believe me, there is no limit to the amount of people that are allowed to buy into this program. I their minds, the more the better because that equals more money for them.

The truth is that you will be lucky to earn any money with this system. It is far from being a legitimate opportunity.

But This Lady Made $10,000 In Just 30 Days!!!??

If you tried to exit out of the page, you might have seen this popup that claims “Jane Smith” made $10,000 in just 30 days. 

That is a darn good amount of money and definitely something that most people would kill to have.

But unfortunately, this is all fake. Its just another ploy to try to gain your trust and seem more credible so that you buy into this program.

I performed a reverse image search on Google of the picture of “Jane Smith” and just as I had suspected this image is nothing more than a stock image that anyone can use online. As you can see below, there are plenty of other websites using this exact image for various reasons…

But You Get $650 Just For Signing Up Today!!!??

This is just another claim that can’t be trusted. Just about every “make money online” scam out there promises you money to sign up today, or to watch the video to the end, etc… but they all have one thing in common… they aren’t ever going to pay you that money.

There are some legitimate programs out there that will give you a sign on bonus. But this sure as heck isn’t one of them. There are just too many lies and too much misleading information being thrown at you for you to be able to trust their $650 bonus.

But This Sounds SOOO Easy!!!???

Of course this awesome system requires just about no work whatsoever! That’s what they tell you.

Jeffrey tells you that making this kind of money is as simple as 3 clicks, yes that’s right…3 clicks.

How ridiculous is that? Just think about it….

I’ve been making a living online for since 2015 and I can tell you that there aren’t any “do nothing and make money” systems out there. If there was, I would be all over them.

But apparently its so easy because he found some “loophole” that allows him to get tons of free website traffic. Of course… a loophole. This is straight from the scam playbook.

So What Exactly Do You Do To Make All This Money?

In the sales video he talks about the 3 clicks that you have to perform, the copying and pasting, and he talks about commissions… but he never gives you a concrete answer as to what you are going to be doing to make all this money.

This is an absolute scam classic. Hype up the program as much as possible, but leave you hanging as to what it is actually about. Because you have to buy into the program to find out more of course.

Any real legitimate opportunity that offers real value is going to give you all the information you need before you buy into it, not after.

What You Really Will Be Doing

Obviously Jeffrey isn’t going to tell you so I will. What you are going to be doing is promoting scam programs just like this EZ Money Team program.

Your job is to swindle unsuspecting individuals into buying into scam “make money online” programs. And when you are successful you will earn commissions.

This is what is called affiliate marketing, when your job is to refer people to sellers and you make money every time you help make a sale. Its a great business model, and is how I make a living online, just this is a horrible program.

There is the legitimate side of the affiliate marketing industry, where marketers refer people to legitimately good products and services, and then there is the bad side, where marketers trick people into buying products and services that will only end in disappointment.

Final Thoughts & Rating


The only reason I am giving this a 1/10 is because I have not tried the system out for myself. But I don’t have to to recognize that this is just another scam. They lie, mislead you, and don’t tell you much of anything about what you are getting yourself into.

The EZ Money Team wasn’t created to help people make money online, it was created to help themselves make money online.

Are There Any Legitimate Online Opportunities Out There?

If you are interested in making money online then I suggest you read about my suggestion. Like I said, affiliate marketing is a good business model. You can make a lot of money, and you can do it in a legitimate and helpful way, not like these EZ Money Team scammers.

Affiliate marketing is how I make a full-time income online and I really enjoy what I do because of the freedoms that come with the lifestyle. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to get started in a legitimate way, then click the link below…

==> Learn More About Affiliate Marketing & How To Get Started

What do you think about EZ Money Team? Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section…


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