Is 700 Profit Club a Scam? You Might Want To Read This!

If you are looking to make money online you might have come across the 700 Profit Club. But should you trust this place? Are they legit, or is 700 Profit Club a scam?

Spoiler Alert: 700 Profit club is a scam and its a good thing you came across this review before losing some of your hard earned money.

700 Profit Club scam700 Profit Club Review

700 Profit Club claims that the system it will provide for you will earn you $700 a day on autopilot. Now I don’t know about you… But this sure sounds far-fetched for me to believe.

Any program/software that claims its going to make you tons of money while you sit back and do nothing is more than likely too good to be true. I’ve been making a living online since 2015 and I have never seen any legitimate program that does this, they have all turned out to be scams. 700 Profit Club is no different. Its nothing more than a scam to get your money.

What Is 700 Profit Club Really?

700 Profit Club is what you would call a hosting scam. The people behind it all are just interested in getting you to buy a hosting package so that they can earn money off of you, because when you buy in, they get paid a commission.

They will refer you to a hosting company called “coolhandle”.  And once you get their you will be asked to purchase one of their hosting plans, which range anywhere from 1 year to 3 years. The spokesperson in the 700 Profit Club video tells you to buy the 3 year one because it has “Google benefits” and will lead to you getting more traffic, but this simply isn’t true.

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The cheapest plan, which is the one year plan, will cost you $167.04 as you can see in the screen shot below…

And the 3 year plan will cost you close to $300.

Hosting is a necessity when it comes to having a website. You can’t have a website online without it. So you may think that them referring you to coolhandle is a harmless part of the process, but its not.

Red Flag – Fake Testimonials

With ridiculous money making systems like this, I always like to look into the testimonials that they display because they are almost always fake and made up, and this program is no exception.

Don’t trust any of the testimonials that they flash up on the sales video. These are all completely fabricated to make this opportunity seem legit. I’ll prove it to you…

I took a screenshot of the one testimonial below. This one is of “Heidi”…

It wasn’t that difficult to find out that this was fake. All I did was a reverse image search on Google and up popped a hundred other results with the same exact image of “Heidi”.

What does this mean? This means that the image is a stock photo that anyone can buy and use online for their websites, social media, etc. The image was bought and is not Heidi at all. Heidi is more than likely a completely made up person just to try to sell this scam.

And the same is true for all the other testimonials that they showed. They are all fake and should not be trusted.

Is There Anything Good About This?


The spokesperson in the video claims that her websites that she has hosted on CoolHandle seem to draw 10x the amount of traffic than websites hosted on other hosting platforms, which sounds awesome. But this has no truth to it.

In fact, coolhande hosting has a pretty bad reputation in the online world and I would never recommend anyone host their websites there.

If you go to, which is a review site where consumers like you and I can go to review companies anonymously, you will see that coolhandle has some pretty bad ratings…

As you can see there is a reported $34.3k in claimed losses from coolhandle. That is a pretty big number, with the average loss being $1.4k.

Now who knows how many of these bad reviews stem from being referred to coolhandle from scam programs like 700 Profit Club. I am sure that some of the reviews are coming from scams just like this. So maybe coolhandle is getting a reputation that it doesn’t deserve?? Who knows.

But I will tell you one thing for sure… I sure as heck won’t be hosting my sites there.

Final Thoughts…700 Profit Club is a SCAM!

So this is what is going to happen if you sign up for 700 Profit Club…

First, you have to sign up for the coolhosting hosting service for a minimum of 12 months in which you will be charged $167.04 instantly. This will include hosing and a domain that the 700 Profit Club chose for you. Then you will be set up with a crappy website. And then you will have lost the money that you just spent on the hosting and you more than likely won’t make a penny from that website.

There is a lot more to making money online with a website than just having one. You have to be able to drive traffic to that website, which is the hardest part of it all. So with this website they set up for you, you simply won’t make any money.

Are There Any Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online?

I know it can get discouraging, but there are real and legitimate ways to earn a living online. You can join my number 1 recommended program for free. They have been around for over 10 years and have thousands of members. What really makes this program nice is that it is great for beginners. It provides step-by-step training that is easy to follow and will have you create your own online business the right way, not like this 700 Profit Club joke.

They also provide tools for you to get going, such as 2 free websites so that you can get started for free. Oh ya, and the hosting on these sites are free. You can learn more about this program by clicking the link below, I have a written a very detailed review.

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What do you think about the 700 Profit Club? Any comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section…


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