Is 30 Minute Money Methods a Scam Program? – Real Review

30 Minute Money MethodsIf you are wondering is 30 Minute Money Methods a scam then keep reading… you are going to want to. What I found out about this program is that its pretty much nothing more than a lie. I’m sure you were already suspicious of this which is why you decided to do a little research and click on this in the first place.

In this review I’ll be going over why you cannot trust this place and why I believe its nothing more than another internet scam.

30 Minute Money Methods Review

Right off the bat, this program sounded like a major scam to me. Whenever I hear of programs that claim they can make you rich with very little work involved, I pretty much assume they are scams until they can prove otherwise, just as with the recent scams Accelerated Income and Your Home Biz. So when I was doing my research on this place I had the assumption it was a scam and I was looking for things that would prove it wasn’t. Unfortunately what I found only further proves that its a scam.


30 Minute Money Methods is a work from home program that was created by Shelly West. She claims to be a college dropout and a single mother of two that was once struggling to get by. Then, she came across this method for making money online which she so kindly shared with us all.

She claims that making up to $50,000 every month is possible and super easy. And guess what? She even claims that you can make all of this with just 30 minutes of work per day online…. even one a cell phone.

Unfortunately.. like I said, all I found was more proof that this is a scam so don’t count on making anything with it. It will likely just leave you with less money than when you start out.

The first thing I came across that is a major red-flag is that the testimonial clips in the sales video are completely fake.

Red Flags

#1 – Fake Testimonials

One very common characteristic of scams is they they often have fake testimonials. This place is no different than the rest. The people that they showed in the sales video talking about making thousands of dollars each day are lying. They are paid actors and are just saying what they have been paid to say.

As soon as I saw the testimonial videos I knew they were fake. I had seen some of these people before make fake testimonial videos for other scams.  These are paid actors that you can hire on Fiverr as you can see here…30 Minute Money Methods scam

#2 – Shelly West?

The creator of this program is supposedly named Shelly West. What makes me suspicious about here is that they never show a picture or anything. All you get is to hear her voice talking behind the video. Why not show her face?

I’ll tell you why…. because she is likely just another paid actor that people will be able to identify as being a fake.

I know I don’t really have any proof that this “Shelly West” character is fake, but I think this is definitely something that we should all think about this. I have reviewed hundreds of very similar work from home scams like this and they often make up fictitious creators just to try to relate to people to help sell their scam programs.

It might not be a big deal to you that they don’t show her at all in the sales video but it is to me.

#3 – Fake Comments

When you go below the sales video you will see a bunch of comments about the product, such as people asking how long it takes to make money, people claiming this is the best program ever, etc. The problem here is that these comments are all completely fake!

How do I know this?

Its kind of funny actually. Well I went and tried to post a comment. I asked how long does it take to make money with this or something like that and when I clicked on the Add Comment button it did not add the comment. Instead it took me to the darn checkout page to purchase the product!

The One Good Thing About 30 Minute Money Methods

There is one good thing about this product however. The only good thing I can think of is that it is being sold on ClickBank. ClickBank is a digital product marketplace and when you purchase this product you are buying it through their platform.

Why is this good?

Well because they have a good return policy which will allow you to get your money back pretty easily if you do buy into this. However, I believe the policy is only for 30 days, so if you did buy it I would start the refund process.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

I haven’t actually bought this programs so I can’t say for sure that its a complete scam but there is no doubt in my mind its a scam. I’m guessing that when you buy into it you will probably be given some very crude and outdated training that won’t do you any good. That is usually how these programs work. And then when you complain and say that you aren’t making near as much as they said you would, they will just tell you that you aren’t following the program correctly or something like that, even if you are.

As I said in the beginning, I assumed this was a scam from the start and I was looking to be proven wrong. Instead, I was just proved even more right with the lies and fake information that they displayed on the sales page.

As a role of thumb, if you come across programs like this that claims to have the secret to making tons of money very easily and very quickly online, run away! The truth is that making money online takes real work. It is not something that you just sit down and start doing right away.

I’ve been in the online marketing world since 2015 and if there is one program I would recommend for newbies looking to start making money online it is this program. This is what I got started with back in 2015 and I’m making a living online today… so I know it works. One thing that is great about it is that you can’t beat its honestly. But anyways, I’m not going to get into it here. If you want to learn more you can read my review Here.

Questions or comments? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂


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