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Is Gold Rush a Scam By Preston Ely? A Look Into This Training Course

There is a ton of hype surrounding this new program called Gold Rush Training Course by Preston Ely. I have been getting a fair number of questions about the legitimacy of this program lately so I finally decided to take a look into it and see if it really is all its cracked up to be.

If you are wondering is Gold Rush Training Course a scam then you are in the right place. I am in no way affiliated with this program and I’m not going to try to sell you it. Instead, I will be giving  a real, unbiased opinion of this course and what it offers. So if you were thinking about buying into this program take 5 minutes to read this over. There are definitely a few things that you should know that I will point out to you.

Gold Rush Training Course Review

The sales video that I watched for this program started out with a bunch of news clips of how gold is going up and up and how it is one of the most safe investments out there. These clips are there to get you all pumped up for the program that is being promoted to you.

These do seem like real news clip segments, and investing in gold is a pretty good and safe idea (I’m a fan), but the real question that needs to be looked into is the actual program. Any scam gold investment program could put a bunch of news clips in their sales video but that doesn’t make them legit.

Preston goes in the sales video to somewhat “scare” people of the future of the economy. He goes on about the national debt, unemployment rates across the world, and the overall future. And then guess what…. none of that matters! Because of course this program teaches you a fool-proof method for protecting yourself from the future madness of the economy, which is “flipping gold” meaning you buy gold at low prices and sell it high.

The Program is called The Gold Rush Training Course

What Exactly Is The Gold Rush Training Course?

Gold Rush is a gold investment training program that teaches you how to make money investing in gold. It claims to teach you how you can tap into this “black market” for gold that is extremely profitable where you can buy gold for extremely low prices and sell it for big profits.

Apparently Preston’s friend named “Matt” discovered this incredible gold investing opportunity and shared it with him. Which he then turned into this training program where he teaches others to how to tap into this.

The truth is that this is a little over-hyped. What he is teaching in this course is how to find individuals that have gold to sell. Basically what you will be doing if you follow the training is placing local ads online and in the paper for gold. You will be advertising that your business is giving cash for gold and you will be hooking up with individuals to do this.

This is somewhat of a “black market” I guess, but not really. Its no secret and there are other people doing it.

The program is made up of a step by step video training course that is compiled of 18 lessons. I’m not going to be covering every single lesson here but I’ll give you a briefing on several.

  1. How To Find the Gold
    • Goes over 24 ways that are either free or require a little bit of ad spend to market new gold buying business and find people in your local area willing to sell
  2. The 3X Purity Test
    • Goes over 3 ways to test the purity of gold. This is extremely important right here. All of these ways are rather simple and do actually work.
  3. The Hypnotic Ad
    • You get a word-for-word ad that Matt uses on Craigslist to find people willing to sell gold. This is a very simple ad yet it is effective, which is usually how things work. It may not look like much but it is claimed to work very well, and I would guess that to be true just from my experience with online marketing.
  4. Gold Coin Secrets
  5. 30 Second Valuation
  6. The Sliding Spread Adjuster
  7. The Refiner Short-List
  8. Ninja Negotiating
  9. The Golden Rolodex
  10. Viral Gold Buying
  11. The Social Media Money Machine
  12. The Recession Proof Force Field
  13. The Competition Crusher
  14. The Chinese Con Job
  15. Winning The Tax Game
  16. Viral Gold Flipping
  17. Gold Flipping Suicide
  18. Metal Menage-a-trios

There is a lot that this course teaches you but the main things that you need to know is that it teaches you how to find people willing to sell gold, how to make sure that gold is actually legit, and how to sell that gold at higher prices. There is a lot of extra information in this course to fine-tune your gold investment business, but that is the core of the training.


Ok, so since writing this review I came across something that you definitely want to see. I found that this Gold Rush program by Preston Ely is actually a re-hashed program that came out in 2012. Its being re-marketed but its literally the same exact thing as it was back then from what I can tell. 

Other than a few new quotes and videos thrown into the presentation its the same darn thing.

This really throws a monkey wrench in everything and makes me trust this program a whole lot less.


Does This Actually Work?

The big question…. does this really work? Can you really make good money with this system if you put the training to the test?

The answer to this is Yes, you absolutely can make money following this system… but “will” you make money with this??? Now that is a whole different question and the answer to that is a lot more complicated.

While the training from this Gold Rush program is good and will help you out without a doubt, it is definitely does not guarantee that you are going to make money. What is taught in this course is good, but it is no miracle and it is nothing all that special really. There aren’t really any secrets being shared and this isn’t inside information.

So while it can work, it isn’t necessarily going to work out for you….. AND its actually probably NOT going to work out for you. Why do I say this? Well.. just take a look at the disclosure that is at the bottom of the sales page…

The FTC requires online programs like this to display typical income results so that people know what they are getting themselves into. The income disclosure here literally reads “the typical customer does not make any money whatsoever.”.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Although that income disclosure might be enough to scare you away from this program, you have to realize that it also says that “the typical customer does not even finish the first of 6 training videos”. So that means that although the typical customer fails, the typical customer also doesn’t really even try.

Anyway… I do think that this training course is over-hyped for sure. It isn’t quite the amazing system that they make it seem like it is. However, I do think that it is a decent system and you can make money doing what you learn here. Even though it is a re-hashed old system. You just need to know that this kind of thing is NOT easy by any means.

Personally, I can’t recommend this program 100% because I haven’t tested it out and put it to practice. But if you are looking to make money and like a “freedom” style lifestyle where you work for yourself, then what I would recommend is that you take a peek at how I make money online.

I make a living working for myself online, which I think is a pretty awesome job. It is something that is more realistically accomplish-able for the average person. You can learn more about it by clicking the link below that will take you to a post I wrote.

In the post I wrote I explain what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can do the same.

–> Click Here To Read It

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

Is MOBE a Pyramid Scheme? It Kind-of Is


mobeWhen looking at MOBE it is no wonder that many people are wondering is MOBE a pyramid scheme. It certainly does appear to be one but if you take a closer look you will see that it actually isn’t, but its not really any better.

MOBE has somewhat of a similar compensation structure to that of a pyramid scheme, yet it is very different. You could kind-of call MOBE a mlm business, but that term wouldn’t really fit very well either and I’ll go over why.

MOBE’s Compensation Plan

In a pyramid scheme you will be recruited by a member and then you will then go out and recruit members, and they will go out and recruit members and so on. You will earn money from the efforts of those beneath you as the money slowly trickles up the pyramid to the top.

Your pyramid starts with you and grows out and down as your recruits and their recruits keep recruiting.

MOBE’s comp plan doesn’t match up with a typical pyramid scheme. It doesn’t keep growing downward. Instead, members only can earn commissions off of people they personally recruit.

Their affiliate program is 2-tiered. And on the first tier there are your personal recruits. Like I said, those are the only people you will make money off of. But the 2nd tier is important because you will receive commissions off of the money that your 1st level makes, which will be coming from the 2nd tier of people that they recruit.

So as a MOBE affiliate you will be making money off of recruiting new members, off of upselling those members, and by the money that those members make.

How Could This Be a Pyramid Scheme?

Ok, so MOBE does not match up with a pyramid scheme at its purest. A “pure” pyramid scheme has no products to sell and relies solely on new recruits buying in and paying a fee for its revenue.

MOBE obviously does have products. They have all their tools, training, and done-for-you marketing resources.

But just because they do have products doesn’t make them legitimate. In fact, most pyramid schemes do actually sell products in an attempt to cover up the underlying truth of their business, which is it being a pyramid scheme. You call these product-based pyramid schemes.

In order for MOBE to be considered a product-based pyramid scheme it would have to be overly dependent on recruitment rather than product sales.

The Reality of MOBE’s Business

So is MOBE overly dependent on recruitment?? I sure think so and I don’t really see how anyone could argue with that statement.

Since when have you seen someone promoting MOBE saying that they should become a member to help grow an existing online business or to startup a new online business in an industry of their choice??? NEVER

The answer is never, or at least almost never. When you see someone promoting MOBE they are always promoting it as some fairy-tale program where they can earn up to over $10,000 per sale. And what they are talking about is selling MOBE products.

While MOBE doesn’t literally force you to go out and sell MOBE to other people, thus recruiting them in, they do put an overwhelming amount of incentive and focus on indirectly getting you to do so.

Sucking You Into The Scheme

MOBE’s most famous product is their 21 step course called My Top Tier Business or MTTB.

This is the product that is usually pushed on new recruits because it is cheap. It is only $49/month and is a way for people promoting MOBE to get you through the door.

This course butters you up and gets you ready to go out and promote MOBE. Taken straight from MOBE’s website, here are the topics covered in this course…

What this course does is gets you all ready to make money. It makes it sound like the best thing since sliced bread and then it slowly but surely starts pushing you to promote MOBE.

See step 7 above? The proven and profitable business that it is talking about licensing is MOBE. See step 10 talking about $3,000 and $5,000 commissions? Those commissions they are talking about are coming from selling MOBE products to other people.

So while newcomers might think they are going to be getting help creating their own online business, really they are being used as tools to go out and do the promoting of MOBE.

And the $49/mo is just the beginning of it.

Selling MOBE Products

There is no doubt that MOBE sells a heck of a lot of products. So this may make you wonder… well how is this a pyramid scheme then? Because in order for it to be considered a product-based pyramid scheme they would be overly reliant on recruitment rather than product sales.

The problem here is that with MOBE they somewhat force products sales on people.

In step 7 of the MTTB program it mentions licensing a business, which is MOBE that they are hinting at.

You see in order to sell MOBE products you first have to license them. And what this means is that you have to buy them. Because the way it is set up is that you will get the license to resell them once you buy them.

Because of this MOBE members often buy products for the right to resell them to other people and make money off of them, not because they actually want the product for what it contains.

So members often feel forced to buy more products costing prices that got up to as high as $26,997 at most. That $49/mo in the beginning is just the beginning.

Pyramid Scheme? It Basically Is

Just to reiterate some of the things I’ve said and put this all in perspective, this is how it all works.

People looking to make money online are recruited into MOBE by existing members. They can be recruited in at different levels, but usually they are through the MTTB course, which is one of the lowest cost courses that is to just get their foot in the door. After they are recruited in they are then upsold on other more costly products because they need these products to promote them and actually make money selling them.

Although MOBE’s comp plan is just 2-tiered, which isn’t your traditional pyramid scheme, it still fits many of the common characteristics of one.

By the way, one thing that is important to note here is that I am not saying that MOBE’s products are bad products. I have been involved in online marketing since 2015 and from what I see they are very professional and high quality products. They provide you with top-notch training, pro tools, and done-for-you systems like lead pages, sales funnels, etc.

The products are without a doubt good products. The problem is that they are undoubtedly geared to get buyers to go out and promote MOBE to other people. The done-for-you lead pages, sales funnels, sales pages….. all of that is designed to promote MOBE.

So its like this: MOBE has products but the products that they have are focused on getting members to recruit… Shady? I think so.

Final Thoughts

I know I’m going to be catching a lot of heat for writing this post from all he hard-core MOBE members out there that are earning a lot of money by recruiting others in beneath them… but I’m not writing this for them. I’m writing this for all the prospects out there that are likely to lose a lot of money with MOBE.

There are a lot of complaints out there about MOBE from former members that feel they have been scammed. And I bet they wish they had read this before they started.

Ripoff Report is a good place to go where you can read some reviews from members/former members.. And here is actually one I found that agrees with my opinion of it being a pyramid scheme…

Overall, I just don’t think MOBE is a very good business to get into. VERY FEW PEOPLE MAKE MONEY with MOBE. Most people fail to be successful. This is because of the nature of pyramid schemes, the top few that are able to recruit like madmen are able to reap the rewards, whereas most people will not be able to.

Personally, I will stick with Wealthy Affiliate as my online business training platform. Wealthy Affiliate is a whole lot more affordable and I can feel good about what I do, not having to trick people into signing up.

If you were interested in making money online with MOBE then I suggest you look into Wealthy Affiliate instead. I have written a review on Wealthy Affiliate and there is no doubt I would recommend it over MOBE.

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

How to Buy Bitcoins at Walmart – Yes, You Can Do This

buy bitcoins at Walmart

buy bitcoins at WalmartThere are a lot of ways that you can buy Bitcoins. And like just about everything there is, you can buy them at Walmart. In this short post I’m going to be going over the process of how you can buy Bitcoins at Walmart and how it all works.

You don’t need a bank account or anything to do this, just cash.

If you have never bought or sold Bitcoins before this might get a bit confusing, but I will try my best to explain it as simply as possible. Once you understand how it all works it is pretty simple. So before I get into how you actually buy BTC at Walmart its first important for me to go over the buying/selling process.

Buying & Selling Bitcoins

In order to buy or sell Bitcoins you are first going to need a Bitcoin Wallet. This is just a virtual wallet that acts like a bank account for Bitcoins.

I you have a wallet you can buy Bitcoins and sell them as you want. There are 3 main ways to buy and sell Bitcoin and they include: direct trades, exchange trades, and peer to peer trading marketplaces.

The way in which you can buy BTC at Walmart is through the Peer to Peer Marketplace method, so that is what I am going to be going over briefly.

Peer to Peer Marketplace

A peer to peer marketplace for Bitcoins is an online marketplace that matches buyers with sellers.

People that are looking to sell bitcoins can sell them any way that they want to. They can choose to sell them online for gift cards, paypal cash, direct deposit, etc.

What they will then do is list their Bitcoins for sale and outline how they want to be paid. Then buyers can find these sellers and pay them through the online marketplace.

Going To Walmart To Buy Bitcoins

When I say you can buy BTC at Walmart I might be saying it in a different way than you think. Walmart does not actually sell BTC and its not like you can go there to buy them directly.

But what Walmart does do is facilitate money transactions and through these transactions you can buy BTC. The transactions that I am talking about are Walmart2Walmart money transfers.

Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers

Through these transfers you can deposit cash to the teller at Walmart (usually at their customer service area) and have it transferred over to a BTC seller.

These transfers can be made by anyone and at any Walmart as far as I am aware.

As I mentioned earlier, Bitcoin sellers can choose how they want to get paid. And some sellers like to get paid via Walmart2Walmart money transfers. So although Walmart is not actually selling the Bitcoins, you can go to Walmart and buy Bitcoins and I’ll go over how step by step.

Note: Walmart does charge a small fee for sending money this way, but its much less than Western Union and other similar services. They charge as follows…

  • $4 fee for a $0-$50 transfer
  • $8 fee for a $50-$1,000 transfer
  • $16 fee for a $1,000-$2,500 transfer

How to Do This Step By Step

1) Get a Bitcoin Wallet

As I’ve mentioned, you are first going to need a BTC wallet. There are a lot of different providers of these wallets. Some suggestions are Blockchain, Paxful bitcoin wallet,, and CoinsBank.

Most Bitcoin wallet providers have mobile apps you can download to keep your wallet around at all times.

2) Join a Bitcoin Marketplace

This is the peer to peer marketplace stuff I was talking about where buyers can find sellers and vice versa.

My suggestion is Paxful, which also provides Bitcoin wallets. So you might just want to use their wallet since I am suggesting using their service.

Paxful has over 300 categories in which you can buy bitcoins from sellers. You can buy BTC withonline transfers, debit/credit cards, gift cards, and what we are interested in is cash deposits, which is the category that Walmart2Walmart transfers falls under.

3) Find a Seller

If you are using Paxful, finding a seller is simple. You will first click on Buy Bitcoin, then you will click to view all payment methods for cash deposits. Then you will see a list of payment options on the left hand side of the page in which you will see Walmart2Walmart listed.

When you click on that you will see a list of sellers that are selling via Walmart2Walmart transfer. You can choose any that you like. Some people have different rules as to how much BTC they are selling and so forth.

4) Transfer the Money

Your next step is to go to Walmart, deposit the cash, and have the money transferred to the seller’s Walmart. All the information you need as far as where to transfer the money will be listed on Paxful.

5) Collect Your BTC

After transferring the money the seller will release the BTC to you within 3 hours, and sometimes within less time like 10 minutes or so. This depends on the seller you buy from.

But first you will have to verify the transaction by uploading the receipt you got from the teller at Walmart.

Recap On How This All Works

Ok, so let me summarize how this all works.

There are hundreds of ways that you can buy Bitcoin and this is because people selling Bitcoin can choose any way they want to get paid. And one of these preferred methods of payment is Walmart2Walmart money transfer.

So you buy Bitcoin through Walmart via their Walmart2Walmart money transfer service. All you have to do is follow the steps listed above.

Comments, questions, concerns? I know this whole process can be very confusing at first so just leave a comment below and I will get back to you soon…

MLM vs Pyramid Scheme, Whats The Difference?

mlm vs pyramid scheme

mlm vs pyramid scheme

If there is a business opportunity that you are interested in that resembles a pyramid scheme, it may or may not be one. There are legitimate MLM business opportunities out there but you need to know how to spot one and how to distinguish them from illegal pyramid schemes.

For this reason I am going to briefly educate you on the difference between MLM & a Pyramid Scheme.

Commission Structure

Both illegal pyramid schemes and legal MLM’s have the same commission structure in their most basic form. They both have a hierarchical pyramid structure, where money is funneled up to the higher ranked members on the pyramid.

Both forms of business rely on recruiting people into the business a great deal. Members are encouraged to recruit new members in, and they make money off of the efforts of those recruits.

The “height” of the pyramid varies with the business. The different levels are called tiers. You could have a 3 tiered pyramid scheme or mlm or you could have a 7 or 8 tiered one, it all depends.

The image shown to the right is a 3 tiered pyramid. You have your direct referrals underneath you on the 1st tier, on the second tier you have their referrals, and on the 3rd tier you have your referrals’ referrals’ referrals (if that makes sense).

Since pyramid schemes and mlm’s rely on recruitment to grow their business, many members recruit more than one person. This makes the base of the pyramid larger than the top (which is why it looks like a pyramid) and allows for a large cash flow that trickles its way up to the higher ranking members.

Okay… So Whats The Difference?

The key difference between a legitimate MLM and an illegal pyramid scheme is the sale of products.

A legitimate MLM will have products (or services) that they sell. They may charge fees for new recruits to buy into the business, but they will sell legitimate products of value on top of that. So their members will make money from both products and from buy-in or membership fees.

On the other hand, an illegal pyramid scheme in its purest form won’t have any products at all. A pure pyramid scheme will rely solely on recruitment and buy-in fees to pay the members of the business.

Products are key to be considered a legal MLM. And when I say products, this isn’t limited to what you normally think of as a product. This includes services and doesn’t have to be physical in nature.

But… Just because a pyramid style business has products doesn’t mean that its a legitimate MLM.

Another key characteristic of a legitimate MLM is that it is DEPENDENT on the sale of products for its revenue.

Any illegal pyramid scheme could come up with some products to disguise themselves as legit MLM’s, but they can’t just have them… they have to rely on their sales.

Pyramid Schemes Disguised As MLM’s

Just about every pyramid scheme out there tries to disguise themselves as a legitimate business. And due to the very similar characteristics that pyramid schemes and MLM’s have, disguising as a MLM seems to be the go-to choice most of the time.

How do illegal pyramid schemes disguise themselves as MLM’s?

Well.. they come up with products that they use as a cover up. They may have real products, but as I stated above… their revenue needs to be dependent on those products.

Pyramid schemes often sell products just to get by the law. They don’t care about the products and that is not their main focus, they just sell them because they know they have to.

How To Spot a Pyramid Scheme from a MLM

Some pyramid schemes really get creative with how they disguise themselves, so there is no tell-tale way to spot one. But there are some common things that you can look for when you are trying to investigate the legitimacy of a business.


Pyramid schemes are all about recruiting. If there is an overwhelming emphasis put on recruitment rather than a product that the company sells then you should be suspicious.

2) Forced Buying

Often pyramid schemes will force their members to buy products in order to maintain membership. This is to make it seem as if they are getting a lot of revenue from product sales, and although true, they are doing so in an illegitimate way.

3) Ferrari’s, mansions, and palm trees

If the business opportunity you are looking into tries to lure you in with promises of riches beyond your wildest dreams, you should be suspicious. The “get rich quick” tactic is often used here. But what they should be telling you is that statistically speaking, the large majority of people involved in pyramid schemes LOSE MONEY!

Its a Dangerous Game

If you are looking into joining a MLM that you think might lean a bit too far towards the pyramid side of things, don’t take that chance. Back away and stay safe.

There is kind of a grey line between how much of a MLM’s revenue has to come from product sales to be considered legitimate. If the FTC thinks a mlm is focusing too much on recruits THEY CAN SHUT IT DOWN.

I have seen and read about plenty of MLM’s getting shut down by the FTC. Some are obvious pyramid schemes and illegal, while others I would consider more boarder-line.

So the bottom line here is don’t take the chance. You might lose a bunch of money and kick yourself later.

The FTC has an article for consumers that provides some guidance about MLM’s that you can read here for some supplemental information if you wish.

The Online World Is Plagued With Pyramid Schemes, Beware!

As many of you already know, I make a living online and I am constantly reviewing online money making programs that pop up, many of them which turn out to be scams.

Online mlm’s and pyramid schemes are something that I see all the time. They come at a dime a dozen. Some are obvious pyramid schemes, some legitimate mlm’s, and some are boarder-line.

Below I have a list of some of the more popular ones that I have reviewed…

Comments, questions, concerns?? Do you have a possible pyramid scheme you want me to look into? Leave your comments below…

Is Ambit Energy a Scam? You NEED To Know This!

If you are thinking about switching over to Ambit Energy you might want to think again… Is Ambit Energy a scam? Are they legit? The answer to both of these questions are both yes, and no. And you will see what I mean in this review.

So whether you are looking into this company to save money on your electricity bill, or as an opportunity to make money on the business side of it, you need to read this post first.

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Ambit Energy Review

When I review companies, I usually look into them but don’t have any experience dealing with them. But this is not the case here. I have a personal story dealing with Ambit Energy and their scam operations that I want to share with you first.

So about a year ago, a family member of mine got into the business side of Ambit Energy.

For those of you who don’t know, anyone can buy into it and promote it, earning commissions off of people they get to sign up. And of course for you to be able to promote it you have to first sign up and switch over to Ambit.

So everything was good for a while. He joined in early 2016 and promoted it throughout the year. But when 2017 arrived he was hit with a massive electric bill.

And when I say massive, I mean MASSIVE. Ambit Energy had raised the rates by 6x. Yes, you read that right. They jacked up the rates 6 times what they were. And all of this was a surprise.

This is the reason I decided to write this review. And I hope I can deter as many people as possible from falling for this energy scam.

What Exactly Is Ambit Energy?

Ambit energy is an MLM company that provides electricity and natural gas to consumers, usually at a 1-2 year fixed rate.

They were founded in 2006 by Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless, who seeked to capitalize on the opportunity of the energy business being largely deregulated.

They have been the subject of many complaints and even some class action lawsuits for their sneaky and deceptive business tactics, which I will be going over.

Ambit Energy Business Model

Ambit Energy’s business model falls into the MLM category, or multi-level marketing. This is when anyone can join Ambit and get paid to go out and sell it to other people. You can build up a team of people beneath you selling Ambit Energy and get paid off of their sales.

MLM’s have a pyramid structure with people below you that had you recruited, and people below them that they recruited, and so on. It seems like a pyramid scheme, but MLM’s are actually completely legal because they do offer a legitimate product or service. And in this case it is energy.

The Cost To Promote Ambit

In order to become an Ambit consultant and make money promoting it, you are going to have to pay a membership fee. This will cost you a one-time fee of $429 plus a $24.95 monthly fee to stay active.

It doesn’t matter that you are a Ambit customer, you will still have to pay both these fees on top of everything else.

Is It Worth Getting Into?

You can still make money promoting Ambit, no doubt about it. But the opportunity is much less than it once was. This company has been around a while and the market is increasingly saturated.

With MLM style businesses like this it is important to get in early. Because the real money is going to come in when you have a large base of people beneath you.

It is also going to be difficult to recruit people in because of all the negativity that Ambit has around them. There are plenty of negative reviews and this will deter people.

The 2 Reasons People Switch To Ambit Energy

Basically there are only 2 reasons why I think anyone would switch their energy provider to Ambit.

  1. They saw the business opportunity and wanted to make money promoting it
  2. They “thought” they would save money on their electric/gas bills

So I just went over how they are an MLM and how you can make money promoting them. But if you were the type of person that was thinking about joining in order to save money on your monthly energy bills… you might want to think again.

The Shady Side To Ambit Energy

What the majority of people that sign up for Ambit don’t know, including my friend that I mentioned at the beginning, is that once your 1-2 year contract expires your rates are subject to change.

And when I say they are subject to change, what I’m saying is that they are going to skyrocket.

In the fine print of the agreement that people sign with Ambit Energy it will go over how they can charge you a variable usage rate after the fixed rate contract is up. Most people don’t bother to read the entire agreement. They just see that they will be saving money over the next 1-2 years and get excited and sign up.

These types of businesses that use “fine print” to swindle their customers are very shady in my opinion. I do not agree with it.

Ambit Energy Complaints

As expected, Ambit Energy’s scammy business tactics are getting them a lot of complaints.

If you go to you will see that they have a 2/5 star rating from over 400 reviews. This is a site where consumers can post reviews of companies to warn other people or to praise good business.Ambit Energy Complaints

And besides the individual customer complaints that you will find online, they have also been taken to court for their deceptive tactics.

In 2015 in New York, there was a lawsuit against Ambit, where Ambit agreed to pay $950,700 in refunds to 1,566 customers. Because it was either they pay up, or they lose the right to do business in New York.

Final Thoughts… Is Ambit Energy a Scam?

They aren’t a complete scam because they do provide a legitimate service to their customers. But they definitely are involved in some very “scammy” business tactics which leads to a lot of very upset people.

Some people claim that they have been with Ambit for years and continue to save money. But from what I know, and from what my friend knows, it is likely that your bill will increase drastically after 1-2 years.

Not only do I not care for the business for its use of deception, but I also don’t think its worth going out and promoting. The market is pretty saturated these days and there are too many complaints on Ambit to really do good with this business. Its just going to be a lot more difficult to get people to sign up than it was early on.

And that is the common theme with most MLM’s. You have to get in them early to make really good money.

What do you think about Ambit Energy? Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section…

Blog Comments and SEO – Do This & Increase Your Blog’s SEO

blog comments and seo

Blog comments for SEO has became more popular over the years, and rightly so. The reason for this is simply because IT WORKS.

Now to make it clear, I am talking about having visitor comments on YOUR blog that boost your SEO standings. I am not talking about commenting on other blogs/forums and linking back to your site.

In this post I’m going to go over a little bit about why getting comments on your blog can help your chances of ranking higher in Google and other search engines, and then I’m going to show you an awesome tool that you can use to get unlimited unique and real human comments on your blog.

 Getting Comments On Your Blog Can Boost Your Google Rankings

Everyone wants to rank on page 1 in Google. The higher you rank, the more traffic your blog gets, and thus.. the more money you make. Of course I’m assuming that you are trying to monetize your website, which you might as well since you are getting the traffic to do so.

Getting people to comment on your blog posts is seeming to be more important to the Google algorithm lately. And although I don’t have any inside information from Google on what all reasons this might be for, I do know 2 reasons why this is the case…. and these are: user engagement and updated content.

User Engagement

Google loves to see user engagement on your website. If you have a site that people go to and then leave right away, this tells Google that people obviously don’t care for your content too much. And this will lead to lower rankings for you.

But if you can get your visitors to stick around, read over the entire post, and even comment at the bottom, Google knows you are giving readers what they want. And remember, Google is all about providing users with the best and most helpful information possible. So when Google sees that people are actively commenting on your posts, it rewards you slightly and helps your chances of ranking higher.

Updated Content

Google also loves updated content. Because updated content is the newest, the freshest, and has a good chance of benefiting its users the most.

New content, once it settles into place, has a good chance of out ranking old content. Of course this depends on a lot of factors, but generally speaking Google loves new content.

When you get comments on your blog and you approve them, this acts as a content update. With each comment you publish, your post is updated and refreshed. Google will see this and, again, your post will have a better chance of ranking higher due to it.

Even Google Tells You That Comments Help

Jennifer Slegg (author or actually questioned Gary Illyes of Google on the whole topic of blog commenting benefiting Google rankings. The reason for the questioning is because many sites routinely delete comments because they feel that they have negative effects, due to being seen as “low quality” content.

Gary Illyes confirmed that blog comments are indeed good for your rankings.

He tells us that User Generated Content, and blog comments in particular show that there is a “thriving community”. Gary Illyes then goes on to say that the “thriving community” aspect has an impact on Googles perception of the general quality of the website and content. It is obviously less of an impact and less important than the administrator published content of the site, but nonetheless it does have an impact.

How To Get Unlimited Comments On Your Blog

Ok, so now you know that comments are a good thing. Every blogger should strive to get comments on their posts. And if you aren’t already, you need to start.

But how do you get comments on your blog?

Well the obvious way is to write interesting and engaging content that gets people thinking and asking questions. You could also ask them at the end of each post to leave their comments, questions, etc. below.

But I’m not here to explain the obvious ways. What I want to introduce to you is an amazing tool that allows you to get unlimited blog comments from real people. This isn’t some bot commenting software that spams comments all over the place. This is software that gets real people to comment.

What is it? It is…


SiteComments is one of the tools available at Wealthy Affiliate. It is part of the SiteRubix website builder and website hosting platform inside Wealthy Affiliate.

I don’t want to talk too much about Wealthy Affiliate here because I have already written a very detailed review on it. But just to summarize what it is… it’s an online business platform that provides training, support, hosting, and pretty much everything you need when it comes to creating an online business via a website.

Anyways.. back to SiteComments and all of its glory.

How It Works

Step 1 – Request Comments

Once inside the SiteComments area, you will see a button you can click to request comments. You will click this.


Step 2 – Choose The Website You Want Comments On

Now you will be able to choose the website that you want comments on from a drop-down menu. This will include a list of all the sites you have hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are going to use SiteComments you are going to have to be a WA (Wealthy Affiliate) member, and you get unlimited website hosting with that membership, so you might as well use it.

As you can see in the screenshot, I’m going to choose to request comments on, which is the site you are on right now.

Step 3 – Choose What Page You Want Comments On

After you select the website in which you would like comments on, the SiteComments tool will pull up a list of every single page and post on your website in a couple seconds. All you have to do is select the one you want.

In the example below I selected a post I wrote about a traffic sharing website called Traffic Monsoon.

Step 4 – Choose The Category of Your Website

This is important and I’ll go over why later. But as for now, just make sure you choose an appropriate category. For my site I chose internet marketing.

Step 5 – Choose How Many Comments You Want

The amount you can request depends on how many “credits” you have. Each comment costs 2 credits. I have over 700 credits at the moment and am able to get 386 comments if I wish to.

Step 6 – Choose When You Want The Comments

This is pretty awesome. Obviously you wouldn’t want all 167 comments all at once. Google would pick up on the suspicious activity and it would be a hassle for you to publish them all.

The good thing is that you can spread the comments out over specific periods of time.

Step 7 – Submit Your Request

Now all you have to do is click submit and your comments will be delivered as specified.

How Does This All Work?

“Credits” are the form of currency you use to request comments. You can earn credits by commenting on other peoples’s websites, creating training at Wealthy Affiliate, referring people, and other ways.

Each comment costs 2 credits. When you use them to request comments, your request will be shown to other members of WA, and these members will be able to earn credits of their own for commenting on your website.

So there is incentive for real members to post real comments, because they will be credited. Also there is incentive for them to leave good comments because you can deny their comments if they are bad and this will impact their rank at WA.

Also, the category that you have to enter when you are requesting comments (as I went over above) helps match up your request with people that want to comment on blogs in that particular category.

Everything Is Done Through SiteComments

One thing about this that is great is that everything is done through SiteComments. There is no need to login to your website to publish the comments you receive.

Once you receive comments you have the ability to approve or disapprove of them. Once you approve them on the SiteComments platform they are automatically published on your website. This is made possible because your websites are hosted in the SiteRubix platform.

Final Thoughts

My last words are this…. Comments are a must. You need them if you want to SEO your site as much as possible. SiteComments is a one-of-a-kind commenting platform that you can get unlimited real human comments from on demand. It is awesome. And that’s all there is to it.

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, which is the online business platform that provides SiteComments, you can read my review here.

Is Online Profits Blueprint a Scam? You Should Probably Read This..

The Online Profits Blueprint review

The Online Profits Blueprint reviewIf you are wondering if Online Profits Blueprint is a scam or not then you came to the right place. I have looked into this program and you will be interested in what I have to say about it. So if you were thinking about signing up through Online Profits Blueprint you should hold off on that until you read this.

Online Profits Blueprint Review

Before jumping into a program its always important to see who is behind it. Legitimate programs always have real people behind them, whereas scams often have made up fictitious people because the real creators are scared to show their faces.

So anyway,… who is behind Online Profits Blueprint?

His name is Misha Wilson

Luckily, this guy is a real human, not just a fake name. He is 25 years old at this point and is a multi-millionaire from making money online.

Much of his money has been made from selling his own IM products online, but he is also an insanely good affiliate marketer. And affiliate marketing is what this program is all about.

What Is Online Profits Blueprint?

Online Profits Blueprint is just the front end of a sales funnel that leads you to buy Misha’s program called the Super Affiliate Network. Basically what I am saying is that the Online Profits Blueprint website was set up just to refer people to the Super Affiliate Network.

The Super Affiliate Network is Misha’s own program, and its pretty much what it sounds like… an affiliate marketing training program.

When you sign up with the basic membership you get access to a 3 week long affiliate bootcamp, done for you offers, capture pages, and more. This if for the basic membership, but there are other higher priced memberships that have more to offer.

Super Affiliate Network isn’t a scam by any means, but there are some things that I don’t really like about it and I consider to be shady. One of which is the compensation plan.

Can You Make Good Money With This?

Sure you can… but will you? Thats a whole different story.

One of the main things that Super Affiliate Network does.. is sets you up to promote Super Affiliate Network to other people. Sounds shady right? You sign up and now you are trying to get other people to sign up all to make some commissions.

I know this unethical, because newbies are signing up and trying to get others to sign up by telling them about all the money they make, when really they haven’t even made any yet… but thats just the way things are.

I actually promote Wealthy Affiliate (read my review here), which is still my #1 online business choice. I do this because it works and I know this to be true. But you will find a lot of people that just signed up promoting it saying that they make all kinds of money when it simply isn’t true. The one major difference however is that at Wealthy Affiliate they don’t try so hard to get you to go out and promote their program to others.

But anyway… back to the compensation plan of Super Affiliate Network. There is no doubt you can make good money by promoting this to other people. Depending on the membership level you are on, the amount of money you will make varies.

Basic Membership

  • 100% Commissions On The Front End $37 and $47 Sales
  • 50% On Annual Membership Sales
  • 50% Commissions On Solo Ad Success Formula Sales
  • 0% On VIP Sales, Plus Sales, & The Diamond Coaching Program

Annual Membership

  • 100% Commissions On The Front End $37 and $47 Sales
  • 100% On Annual Membership Sales
  • 100% Commissions On Solo Ad Success Formula Sales
  • 0% On VIP Sales, Plus Sales, & The Diamond Coaching Program

Plus Membership 

  • 100% Commissions On The Front End $37 and $47 Sales
  • 100% On Annual Membership Sales
  • 100% Commissions On Solo Ad Success Formula Sales
  • 50% On VIP Sales & Plus Sales
  • 0% On The Diamond Coaching Program

VIP Membership 

  • 100% Commissions On The Front End $37 and $47 Sales
  • 100% On Annual Membership Sales
  • 100% Commissions On Solo Ad Success Formula Sales
  • 50% On VIP Sales & Plus Sales
  • 33% On The Diamond Coaching Program


So obviously the VIP membership is the best one to have because you can make some pretty massive commissions. The only problem is that it will cost you $2,000/year.

This whole affiliate commission structure is based off a “licensed rights” type deal. Where you get the rights to a product after you buy it first. So first you have to buy Plus Membership before you can start promoting it for example. This is similar to a lot of different online marketing programs, including the famous MOBE.

Is This a Scam? Final Thoughts

As I already stated, I do not consider this to be a scam. Maybe some people would because of the amount of people that are trying to get you to sign up just to make a quick buck, but I don’t.

The fact of the matter is that Super Affiliate Network does provide you with a lot of help. It provides quick and intense bootcamp training to get you going along with many done-for-you factors, like offers and capture pages. There is no doubt that what it provides could benefit many affiliate marketers out there that are struggling to make money.

The compensation plan is the only thing that I don’t like. There are many upsells and you have to buy into the higher level memberships before you can earn commissions off of them. This creates incentive for people to pay more money just to be able to sell these higher priced memberships to others. But, like I said, that is the way just about every IM program is like.

What do you think of Online Profits Blueprint and Super Affiliate Network? Comments, questions, concerns? Let me know below…

Is Daily Income Method a Scam? You Should Probably Read This

Daily Income Method review

If you are looking to make money online you might have come across Daily Income Method, which the guy claims you can make $500+ per day easily. But is Daily Income Method a scam? Should you trust this guy?

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that everyone should know before they decide to sign up or not for this program.

Daily Income Method Review

  • is Daily Income Method a scamName: Daily Income Method
  • Website:
  • Creator: Mack Zidan
  • Price: $39.90 to start + $19.95 every month after
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

When the video starts out at, it shows make saying eenie meenie minie moe and trying to decide which of his luxurious cars he wants to take to go cash a check at the bank. And he says that this video is from a promotion he hasn’t worked on at all since last year.

I am very familiar with Mack and this past promotion he is talking about. In fact, I wrote a review on it.

The program he was talking about was an extremely high-ticket internet marketing training platform called ASPIRE. He would suck people in talking about all of the money that they could make with this amazing system and then get them to buy into it.

But anyways, enough about the past, I want to focus on what he is promoting now, which is this Daily Income Method.

But first I want to go over who the guy in the video is a bit more…

Who Is Mack?

Mack Zidan is his name, but sometimes he calls himself Mack Millions, because he likes to brag about all the money he makes.

In all of his promotions he is always flashing sports cars and mansions in front of you as he boasts about all the vacations he takes and things of this nature.

He tells you in the video that he is an affiliate marketer that sets up automated systems that make money for him while he is off on vacation or doing whatever he wants. And this is true.

But does he really make as much as he says?

Honestly, I would guess that he does make a heck of a lot of money and I do bet he is a millionaire. And I say this because I know he is a veteran. I come across his promotions all the time and they always attract tons of people.

I know he pays media outlets like WorldStarHipHop big money to be featured on their front pages and this is not something that comes cheap.

So does he make a lot of money?? No doubt, but that doesn’t mean that this Daily Income Method is a good idea, and I’ll go over why.

What Is Daily Income Method Really?

There is 2 steps in this system. First Mack is trying to get you to sign up for MCA (Motor Club of America) and then he is selling you on his automated system.

Why Is He Trying To Get You To Sign Up For MCA?

Sounds pretty weird right? Motor Club of America? Why would he want you to sign up.

Well its all about him earning commissions off of you. And when you sign up for MCA, you have to pay a monthly membership fee.

It costs $39.90 for the first and last month, and $19.95 for every other month. And every month when you pay this fee, Mack gets a commission from you.

Mack has no interest in what MCA actually is, he is just promoting it because its a good way to make money off people.

Like I mentioned with his past promotion of ASPIRE. He uses the same system to promote, he just follows the money and changes up what he is promoting.

What Is This Automated System That He Is Selling You?

With his system you will be given high converting lead capturing pages. These are just nice looking pages that are designed to get people to provide their email addresses to you.

And then you will get a follow up series of email templates that you will be able to send these people to try to get them to buy into this MCA program that Mack is promoting.

You will have a website just like the website. Its a simple site that looks professional and is designed to funnel people into buying into MCA.

Is It As Easy As It Sounds?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Mack is an elite when it comes to affiliate marketing. He has been around for a long time and has tons of experience.

The truth is that Mack is at the top 0.1% or maybe less.

I don’t doubt that Mack makes tons of money because I know how many people his promotions reach and I know that they suck in a lot of people with the dreams that they will make it as rich as him.

He is very good at marketing and throws a very good sales pitch.

But what you have to realize is that he doesn’t care about anything but the money. He just wants to make money off of you. He knows damn well that most of the people that buy into this program will fail miserably.

Affiliate marketing just isn’t that easy.

I Know Because This Is What I Do

I make 99% of my online money from affiliate marketing so I know what it takes.

And I’ll be upfront with you.. I’m not on the level that Mack is on. I make a full-time income online. But I sure as heck don’t have to do eenie-meenie-minie-moe to choose what sports car to drive to the bank.

And part of the reason for this is because I don’t sell people with lies.

Mack makes everything sound like a fairy tale. He butters you up with how easy its going to be and how you can live like him by just working a few hours a day. But thats just not the reality of it all.

Affiliate marketing takes work to get good at and I guarantee you Mack had to work his butt off to get to where he is today.

You can learn more about Affiliate marketing here, why it is an awesome opportunity, and how to really get started.

Is Daily Income Method a Scam? Final Thoughts & Rating


You can make money doing what Mack is promoting, but it just isn’t going to work out like he tells you and thats why I give it just a 3 out of 10. The overall goal of what he is promoting is so that he can make more money off of unsuspecting individuals.

I absolutely do not recommend you join this program because you are pretty much guaranteed to be utterly discouraged when you see that it isn’t working out.

If you want to make money affiliate marketing then read this.

Do you have any questions about Daily Income Method? Any comments or concerns about anything I just covered? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon.

Total Income Answer Review – You Better Read This Before You Sign Up!

Total Income Answer review

They claim it to be the #1 work at home system, but can you trust this place? Is Total Income Answer a scam? If you are considering buying this program you might want to think again. I have conducted a review and you will be surprised what all I found.

Much of what they tell you is very misleading and many things are blatant lies.

Total Income Answer Review

  • Name: Total Income Answer (aka Total Income Reset)
  • Website:
  • Creator: Karen Evans
  • Price: $97 + upsells
  • Rating: Revealed At The End

To start off this review I want show you the a couple lies that the people behind this scam try to pull on you… the first being fake news.

Fake News

On the website they claim that this Total Income Answer system has been featured on several different news outles… But this isn’t true.

Total Income Answer scam

If you do a search on for “Total Income Answer” on CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, FOX News, and ABC, you will NOT FIND anything related to this site.

This is just another trick to try to make you trust this place. They are trying to gain credibility because most people place a good amount of trust with things that are shown on reputable news sources.

But its nothing but empty lies.

Look Who Created This Site!

The creator of this site is said to be a woman named “Karen Evans”, but this simply isn’t true. Here is a screenshot from Total Income Answer that you should have seen with the picture of Karen Evans and her story about being a broke single mom living paycheck to paycheck…Total Income Answer Karen Evans

The strange thing is… this same story and same image has been featured in other work at home programs that I have reviewed and that have turned out to be scams. One of which is called Ultimate Home Profits, which you can see a screenshot of below…

As you can see it is the exact same image and story with the exception that the people who created this changed the woman’s name.

Karen Evans does not exist. She is a fictitious character made up to try to connect with people and gain their trust so that they buy into this program.

Look At The Earnings Disclaimer

If you scroll to the very bottom of the sales page at Total Income Answer, you will see a link for the Earnings Disclaimer.. And if you click on it you will see this…total income answer earnings

As you can see this earnings disclaimer is has a program title of “Secure Online Income” instead of Total Income Answer.

Why is this? Well, just as I showed you above with Karen Evans being a fake name that has been used in various other scams. This earnings disclaimer was used in other recycled programs as well, and I guess one of them was Secure Online Income.

This is nothing unusual with programs like this. The people behind them are constantly changing their names to get more people to buy into them.

The Truth About Total Income Answer

The information that they tell you is very misleading. Beneath all of the stuff they tell you its a link posting scam that simply will never work out like she says.

So how does she tell you that you can make money? By posting links to products for companies.

And this is true.

Its called affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products online and get paid for every person that clicks your product links and buys the product. Pretty much every big company like Amazon, Walmart, etc. have affiliate programs and if you do it right you actually can make a ton of money. This is actually how I make money online.

But there is much more to it then what they tell you. First off, you don’t get paid just for posting links. You get paid when someone clicks the link and buys the product from the seller you are promoting it for.

Can You Make Money Doing This? Yes.

But Will You Make Money Like She Says? No!

She misleads you a lot in this sales page. For example there is an income calculator in which you are supposed to see how much you can make, but it is nothing but a lie.wah-edu-wahedu-com-google-chrome-2016-11-03-07-13-38

There is NO way of guessing how much money a link can make you. Its IMPOSSIBLE. It depends on the amount of people who click that link and the amount who actually continue to purchase the product. Many links you post will earn you a big fat $0. And others could earn you thousands… It all depends and can vary greatly.

She makes it seem way to easy. I mean look at the calculator above. It says that I can make $300 a day just by posting 15 links. And they tell you it only takes a couple of minutes per link. So pretty much I just spent 30 minutes to an hour posting links and I’m going to make $300!!!!

Ya right. This is such a load of BS. If it were this easy everyone would be doing it. But its not. I know this.

I Specialize In This, I Know Its a Scam

Affiliate marketing is how I make a full-time income online, you can learn more about how you can too here if you want.

You can’t make money affiliate marketing by just going out and spamming links everywhere like this program tells you that you can. I mean, if you have social media sites with hundreds of thousands of followers you might be able to make some good sales, but for the majority of people like me, this won’t even come close to working.

This isn’t something you just go out and do. It takes work.

You can learn how to legitimately start affiliate marketing here

Final Rating


I am giving this program a 1 out of 10 simply due to the fact that I have not bought it and tested it out.

If you do buy it, my guess is that you will get the website that the promise, the customer records, along with some crap training. That is usually how these programs work.

But am I going to try it? Is Total Income Answer a scam? Heck yes its a scam. They lie to you over and over again. They funnel you into the sales page with a fake news story about Elon Musk & Donald Trump. Then they lie about being featured on the news. Then they make up “Karen Evans” who doesn’t exist. And they mislead you throughout the entire article.

I would absolutely not recommend this program.

What do you think about Total Income Answer? Do you have anything to add to this review? Comments, questions??? Leave them below…

Is Melaleuca A Scam? A Pyramid Scheme Possibly? Here Is What You Need To Know

Is Melaleuca a scamIs Melaleuca a scam? A filthy pyramid scheme that you should run away from? Or is it a legitimate business opportunity that could be very lucrative to you? If you are into going green, using organic products, and helping save the environment, then Melaleuca might be something you are considering. In this review I’ll be going over a few important things you should know before you decide to sign up or not.


Before I get started I would like to point out that Melaleuca has been in busines since 1985 and they are a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+. If you are familiar with the BBB, then you will know that an A+ rating isn’t something you see too often. That is darn good and honestly I was surprised when I saw this. My guess is that they stay on top of their BBB rating and comply with every customer complaint as much as Melaleuca BBBpossible in order to keep their rating up.

But don’t get too excited for this opportunity. I do have complaints that I will be going over that you need to be aware of.

Melaleuca In A Nut Shell

Melaleuca is a wellness company that sells all sorts of products in the categories of nutrition, personal care, home cleaning, and cosmetics. Their products are all geared toward being better for the environment, better for your home, and better for your health. And as you can imagine being organic is important… and expensive.

Melaleuca has a membership program where you need to purchase a certain amount of products each month in order to stay a member.

Once a member, you have 2 choices. You can pay for and use their products as a normal customer, or you can also sell Melaleuca products for their own financial gain. And that is a big part of this company. Anyone can create their own home-based business with Melaleuca and sell their products, and this is going to be the main point of this review.. to give people a better idea of what Melaleuca is all about and whether or not they should take advantage of the home-based business opportunity.

The Products You Get With Melaleuca

I can’t complain with Melaleuca’s products. Being an eco-friendly type person myself, I recognize the importance of organic products and often try to purchase such as much as possible.

Of course with buying Melaleuca’s organic products you will be paying higher prices than their synthetic counterparts that most people are used to buying. But hey.. sometimes you just have to pay the price and its worth it.

Like I mentioned above, Melaleuca offers products in 4 distinct categories: nutrition, personal care, home cleaning, and cosmetics. There are lotions, laundry detergents, essential oils, vitamins, dental floss, and pretty much anything you can think of in these categories. I believe they have over 400 products at this point.

If you do some research on their products you will find that most people like them. Their products are very high quality and I can’t complain here. Sure some people will complain about their laundry detergent not cleaning as intensely as they would like and things of this nature. But this is just the way organic cleaners are. They are gentler without all the harsh chemicals you are used to.

But anyway, enough about their products. If you are reading this review you are probably interested more in the potential home-based business opportunity that it has. So let me get to the heart of this review…

Is Melaleuca A Pyramid Scheme?

Nope, to put it simply. But they are considered by many to be a pyramid schemes close relative… the MLM (multi-level marketing) opportunity. MLM opportunities often leave a bad taste in your mouth because companies that use this business model are often focused more on recruiting people into their system and selling products more than they are with the actual products themselves.

But hardcore Melaleuca members will fight you to the end telling you that this is not a MLM. But the facts say otherwise. The truth of the matter is that Melaleuca’s business structure resembles MLM in a lot of ways and it can without a doubt be considered an MLM opportunity, although there is one important thing to note.

Why Melaleuca Is An MLM

If you look up the definition of an MLM on Google you will come across this from the BBB

In MLM you are an independent salesperson selling a companies products on your own. You make money from that and you also make money from recruiting others and earning commissions on what they sell. Your recruits are called “downlines”, and the amount of levels of downlines there are depends on the MLM.

Melaleuca is pretty much the textbook definition of an MLM. If, when you become a member, you decide to sell Melaleuca products on your own, you can do so as well as you can recruit other members and make money off of what they sell. There is really not much of an argument here for anyone saying that its not MLM.

But anyways, there are people that will fight you to the end over this and here is what they say.. along with Melaleuca themselves..

Melaleuca Is Not MLM

Melaleuca says they are “consumer based marketing”, which is a marketing structure that they seemed to have made up in order to distance themselves from MLM.

Their argument for this is that most of their income comes from customers that purchase their products because they actually like them, not because they simply becoming a member to sell to others. According to their 2014 income statistics 64% of the people who bought their products are strictly customers.

This proves that Melaleuca is not overly focused on getting people to recruit others for them to make a profit. They put a lot of focus on their products and make sure they are of the best quality.

So… Is It An MLM Or Not?

According to the definition of an MLM by just about everyone there is, YES Melaleuca is MLM. But this doesn’t mean they are “bad”.

MLM’s get a bad reputation because of all the scammy MLM’s out there that ruin if for everyone. The truth is that there are some very good and reputable MLM’s that offer products of value. Not every one you come across is just out there to make money and recruit as many people as possible.

Melaleuca knows darn well that they are MLM, they are just saying this “consumer based marketing” stuff to create distance from scam-filled MLM industry.

Melaleuca Complaints

Seeing complaints about the Melaleuca products isn’t something you will come across much. Like I said, their products are pretty darn good and I can’t complain. But one of the most common complaints you will come across with Melaleuca is that it is hard to cancel your membership.

If you go to Ripoff Report you can see a long list of people who are complaining about Melaleuca.

Hard To Cancel Membership

I am sure I am going to be getting some hasty comments because I am saying this. Some die-hard Melaleuca members have a a cult-like mindset and will tell you that this is a lie. But the truth is that MANY people have experienced ridiculous problems when they have tried to cancel their membership. And this has lead to them receiving and paying for products that they no longer wanted.

First off, they make it hard to do so. You have to fill out an online form. And then.. instead of submitting it right then and there online, you have to print it out and then fax it to them. This doesn’t really make much sense and the only way I see it is a way to make it harder to cancel.

There are many stories out there that you will find just searching the web from people who have been overcharged for months for products when their membership should have been canceled. People claim their bank accounts have been charged even when they don’t have the adequate funding, which causes overdraft charges. The amount of people who have had to cancel their credit cards just to stop being charged is no joke and cannot be overlooked.

Forced To Buy Products

Another common compliant is how with Melaleuca you are forced to buy a certain amount of products each month. They have a point system. And in order to keep your membership active you have to purchase and earn 35 points each month. The amount of money you have to spend to earn the 35 points each month is somewhere around $80.

A lot of people are against this because they are often left purchasing products that they don’t even want just so that they can stay a member.

I don’t really agree with this business practice, but then again, you knew that you had to do this when you signed up and you still went through with it. Its not like they don’t tell you this. They make it very clear before you sign up.

Final Thoughts On Melaleuca

Yes they are a MLM, no doubt about it. But they are on the better side of the MLM industry because they do focus on the product quality and not just recruitment and making as much money as possible.

That being said, there are plenty of complaints about people having trouble canceling their membership which would be something you would see on the shady side of the MLM industry. This makes me wonder where their priorities lay. Is it really necessary to make it so difficult? Are they just trying to make money and that is why its so hard? I don’t know.

There are some shady MLM practices mixed in with reputable and legitimate business practices. All in all I will leave the decision to sign up or not up to you. Its not the best opportunity out there but its also no a terrible opportunity.

Here Is How I Would Turn Green Living Into A Business

Green products are a hot topic and one that is only going to grow in the future as far as I see it.

By starting your own website and linking to products on another site like Amazon, you can get paid commissions for each one sold. This is called affiliate marketing. You don’t need to go out and talk to people face to face and bug everyone you know.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing and why its an awesome business to get into HERE.

Do you have anything to add to this review? Any questions? Concerns? Let me know in the comment section below…

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