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Is Daily Income Method a Scam? You Should Probably Read This

Daily Income Method review

If you are looking to make money online you might have come across Daily Income Method, which the guy claims you can make $500+ per day easily. But is Daily Income Method a scam? Should you trust this guy?

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that everyone should know before they decide to sign up or not for this program.

Daily Income Method Review

  • is Daily Income Method a scamName: Daily Income Method
  • Website:
  • Creator: Mack Zidan
  • Price: $39.90 to start + $19.95 every month after
  • Rating: Revealed at the end

When the video starts out at, it shows make saying eenie meenie minie moe and trying to decide which of his luxurious cars he wants to take to go cash a check at the bank. And he says that this video is from a promotion he hasn’t worked on at all since last year.

I am very familiar with Mack and this past promotion he is talking about. In fact, I wrote a review on it.

The program he was talking about was an extremely high-ticket internet marketing training platform called ASPIRE. He would suck people in talking about all of the money that they could make with this amazing system and then get them to buy into it.

But anyways, enough about the past, I want to focus on what he is promoting now, which is this Daily Income Method.

But first I want to go over who the guy in the video is a bit more…

Who Is Mack?

Mack Zidan is his name, but sometimes he calls himself Mack Millions, because he likes to brag about all the money he makes.

In all of his promotions he is always flashing sports cars and mansions in front of you as he boasts about all the vacations he takes and things of this nature.

He tells you in the video that he is an affiliate marketer that sets up automated systems that make money for him while he is off on vacation or doing whatever he wants. And this is true.

But does he really make as much as he says?

Honestly, I would guess that he does make a heck of a lot of money and I do bet he is a millionaire. And I say this because I know he is a veteran. I come across his promotions all the time and they always attract tons of people.

I know he pays media outlets like WorldStarHipHop big money to be featured on their front pages and this is not something that comes cheap.

So does he make a lot of money?? No doubt, but that doesn’t mean that this Daily Income Method is a good idea, and I’ll go over why.

What Is Daily Income Method Really?

There is 2 steps in this system. First Mack is trying to get you to sign up for MCA (Motor Club of America) and then he is selling you on his automated system.

Why Is He Trying To Get You To Sign Up For MCA?

Sounds pretty weird right? Motor Club of America? Why would he want you to sign up.

Well its all about him earning commissions off of you. And when you sign up for MCA, you have to pay a monthly membership fee.

It costs $39.90 for the first and last month, and $19.95 for every other month. And every month when you pay this fee, Mack gets a commission from you.

Mack has no interest in what MCA actually is, he is just promoting it because its a good way to make money off people.

Like I mentioned with his past promotion of ASPIRE. He uses the same system to promote, he just follows the money and changes up what he is promoting.

What Is This Automated System That He Is Selling You?

With his system you will be given high converting lead capturing pages. These are just nice looking pages that are designed to get people to provide their email addresses to you.

And then you will get a follow up series of email templates that you will be able to send these people to try to get them to buy into this MCA program that Mack is promoting.

You will have a website just like the website. Its a simple site that looks professional and is designed to funnel people into buying into MCA.

Is It As Easy As It Sounds?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Mack is an elite when it comes to affiliate marketing. He has been around for a long time and has tons of experience.

The truth is that Mack is at the top 0.1% or maybe less.

I don’t doubt that Mack makes tons of money because I know how many people his promotions reach and I know that they suck in a lot of people with the dreams that they will make it as rich as him.

He is very good at marketing and throws a very good sales pitch.

But what you have to realize is that he doesn’t care about anything but the money. He just wants to make money off of you. He knows damn well that most of the people that buy into this program will fail miserably.

Affiliate marketing just isn’t that easy.

I Know Because This Is What I Do

I make 99% of my online money from affiliate marketing so I know what it takes.

And I’ll be upfront with you.. I’m not on the level that Mack is on. I make a full-time income online. But I sure as heck don’t have to do eenie-meenie-minie-moe to choose what sports car to drive to the bank.

And part of the reason for this is because I don’t sell people with lies.

Mack makes everything sound like a fairy tale. He butters you up with how easy its going to be and how you can live like him by just working a few hours a day. But thats just not the reality of it all.

Affiliate marketing takes work to get good at and I guarantee you Mack had to work his butt off to get to where he is today.

You can learn more about Affiliate marketing here, why it is an awesome opportunity, and how to really get started.

Is Daily Income Method a Scam? Final Thoughts & Rating


You can make money doing what Mack is promoting, but it just isn’t going to work out like he tells you and thats why I give it just a 3 out of 10. The overall goal of what he is promoting is so that he can make more money off of unsuspecting individuals.

I absolutely do not recommend you join this program because you are pretty much guaranteed to be utterly discouraged when you see that it isn’t working out.

If you want to make money affiliate marketing then read this.

Do you have any questions about Daily Income Method? Any comments or concerns about anything I just covered? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon.

Total Income Answer Review – You Better Read This Before You Sign Up!

Total Income Answer review

They claim it to be the #1 work at home system, but can you trust this place? Is Total Income Answer a scam? If you are considering buying this program you might want to think again. I have conducted a review and you will be surprised what all I found.

Much of what they tell you is very misleading and many things are blatant lies.

Total Income Answer Review

  • Name: Total Income Answer (aka Total Income Reset)
  • Website:
  • Creator: Karen Evans
  • Price: $97 + upsells
  • Rating: Revealed At The End

To start off this review I want show you the a couple lies that the people behind this scam try to pull on you… the first being fake news.

Fake News

On the website they claim that this Total Income Answer system has been featured on several different news outles… But this isn’t true.

Total Income Answer scam

If you do a search on for “Total Income Answer” on CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, FOX News, and ABC, you will NOT FIND anything related to this site.

This is just another trick to try to make you trust this place. They are trying to gain credibility because most people place a good amount of trust with things that are shown on reputable news sources.

But its nothing but empty lies.

Look Who Created This Site!

The creator of this site is said to be a woman named “Karen Evans”, but this simply isn’t true. Here is a screenshot from Total Income Answer that you should have seen with the picture of Karen Evans and her story about being a broke single mom living paycheck to paycheck…Total Income Answer Karen Evans

The strange thing is… this same story and same image has been featured in other work at home programs that I have reviewed and that have turned out to be scams. One of which is called Ultimate Home Profits, which you can see a screenshot of below…

As you can see it is the exact same image and story with the exception that the people who created this changed the woman’s name.

Karen Evans does not exist. She is a fictitious character made up to try to connect with people and gain their trust so that they buy into this program.

Look At The Earnings Disclaimer

If you scroll to the very bottom of the sales page at Total Income Answer, you will see a link for the Earnings Disclaimer.. And if you click on it you will see this…total income answer earnings

As you can see this earnings disclaimer is has a program title of “Secure Online Income” instead of Total Income Answer.

Why is this? Well, just as I showed you above with Karen Evans being a fake name that has been used in various other scams. This earnings disclaimer was used in other recycled programs as well, and I guess one of them was Secure Online Income.

This is nothing unusual with programs like this. The people behind them are constantly changing their names to get more people to buy into them.

The Truth About Total Income Answer

The information that they tell you is very misleading. Beneath all of the stuff they tell you its a link posting scam that simply will never work out like she says.

So how does she tell you that you can make money? By posting links to products for companies.

And this is true.

Its called affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products online and get paid for every person that clicks your product links and buys the product. Pretty much every big company like Amazon, Walmart, etc. have affiliate programs and if you do it right you actually can make a ton of money. This is actually how I make money online.

But there is much more to it then what they tell you. First off, you don’t get paid just for posting links. You get paid when someone clicks the link and buys the product from the seller you are promoting it for.

Can You Make Money Doing This? Yes.

But Will You Make Money Like She Says? No!

She misleads you a lot in this sales page. For example there is an income calculator in which you are supposed to see how much you can make, but it is nothing but a lie.wah-edu-wahedu-com-google-chrome-2016-11-03-07-13-38

There is NO way of guessing how much money a link can make you. Its IMPOSSIBLE. It depends on the amount of people who click that link and the amount who actually continue to purchase the product. Many links you post will earn you a big fat $0. And others could earn you thousands… It all depends and can vary greatly.

She makes it seem way to easy. I mean look at the calculator above. It says that I can make $300 a day just by posting 15 links. And they tell you it only takes a couple of minutes per link. So pretty much I just spent 30 minutes to an hour posting links and I’m going to make $300!!!!

Ya right. This is such a load of BS. If it were this easy everyone would be doing it. But its not. I know this.

I Specialize In This, I Know Its a Scam

Affiliate marketing is how I make a full-time income online, you can learn more about how you can too here if you want.

You can’t make money affiliate marketing by just going out and spamming links everywhere like this program tells you that you can. I mean, if you have social media sites with hundreds of thousands of followers you might be able to make some good sales, but for the majority of people like me, this won’t even come close to working.

This isn’t something you just go out and do. It takes work.

You can learn how to legitimately start affiliate marketing here

Final Rating


I am giving this program a 1 out of 10 simply due to the fact that I have not bought it and tested it out.

If you do buy it, my guess is that you will get the website that the promise, the customer records, along with some crap training. That is usually how these programs work.

But am I going to try it? Is Total Income Answer a scam? Heck yes its a scam. They lie to you over and over again. They funnel you into the sales page with a fake news story about Elon Musk & Donald Trump. Then they lie about being featured on the news. Then they make up “Karen Evans” who doesn’t exist. And they mislead you throughout the entire article.

I would absolutely not recommend this program.

What do you think about Total Income Answer? Do you have anything to add to this review? Comments, questions??? Leave them below…

Is Melaleuca A Scam? A Pyramid Scheme Possibly? Here Is What You Need To Know

Is Melaleuca a scamIs Melaleuca a scam? A filthy pyramid scheme that you should run away from? Or is it a legitimate business opportunity that could be very lucrative to you? If you are into going green, using organic products, and helping save the environment, then Melaleuca might be something you are considering. In this review I’ll be going over a few important things you should know before you decide to sign up or not.


Before I get started I would like to point out that Melaleuca has been in busines since 1985 and they are a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+. If you are familiar with the BBB, then you will know that an A+ rating isn’t something you see too often. That is darn good and honestly I was surprised when I saw this. My guess is that they stay on top of their BBB rating and comply with every customer complaint as much as Melaleuca BBBpossible in order to keep their rating up.

But don’t get too excited for this opportunity. I do have complaints that I will be going over that you need to be aware of.

Melaleuca In A Nut Shell

Melaleuca is a wellness company that sells all sorts of products in the categories of nutrition, personal care, home cleaning, and cosmetics. Their products are all geared toward being better for the environment, better for your home, and better for your health. And as you can imagine being organic is important… and expensive.

Melaleuca has a membership program where you need to purchase a certain amount of products each month in order to stay a member.

Once a member, you have 2 choices. You can pay for and use their products as a normal customer, or you can also sell Melaleuca products for their own financial gain. And that is a big part of this company. Anyone can create their own home-based business with Melaleuca and sell their products, and this is going to be the main point of this review.. to give people a better idea of what Melaleuca is all about and whether or not they should take advantage of the home-based business opportunity.

The Products You Get With Melaleuca

I can’t complain with Melaleuca’s products. Being an eco-friendly type person myself, I recognize the importance of organic products and often try to purchase such as much as possible.

Of course with buying Melaleuca’s organic products you will be paying higher prices than their synthetic counterparts that most people are used to buying. But hey.. sometimes you just have to pay the price and its worth it.

Like I mentioned above, Melaleuca offers products in 4 distinct categories: nutrition, personal care, home cleaning, and cosmetics. There are lotions, laundry detergents, essential oils, vitamins, dental floss, and pretty much anything you can think of in these categories. I believe they have over 400 products at this point.

If you do some research on their products you will find that most people like them. Their products are very high quality and I can’t complain here. Sure some people will complain about their laundry detergent not cleaning as intensely as they would like and things of this nature. But this is just the way organic cleaners are. They are gentler without all the harsh chemicals you are used to.

But anyway, enough about their products. If you are reading this review you are probably interested more in the potential home-based business opportunity that it has. So let me get to the heart of this review…

Is Melaleuca A Pyramid Scheme?

Nope, to put it simply. But they are considered by many to be a pyramid schemes close relative… the MLM (multi-level marketing) opportunity. MLM opportunities often leave a bad taste in your mouth because companies that use this business model are often focused more on recruiting people into their system and selling products more than they are with the actual products themselves.

But hardcore Melaleuca members will fight you to the end telling you that this is not a MLM. But the facts say otherwise. The truth of the matter is that Melaleuca’s business structure resembles MLM in a lot of ways and it can without a doubt be considered an MLM opportunity, although there is one important thing to note.

Why Melaleuca Is An MLM

If you look up the definition of an MLM on Google you will come across this from the BBB

In MLM you are an independent salesperson selling a companies products on your own. You make money from that and you also make money from recruiting others and earning commissions on what they sell. Your recruits are called “downlines”, and the amount of levels of downlines there are depends on the MLM.

Melaleuca is pretty much the textbook definition of an MLM. If, when you become a member, you decide to sell Melaleuca products on your own, you can do so as well as you can recruit other members and make money off of what they sell. There is really not much of an argument here for anyone saying that its not MLM.

But anyways, there are people that will fight you to the end over this and here is what they say.. along with Melaleuca themselves..

Melaleuca Is Not MLM

Melaleuca says they are “consumer based marketing”, which is a marketing structure that they seemed to have made up in order to distance themselves from MLM.

Their argument for this is that most of their income comes from customers that purchase their products because they actually like them, not because they simply becoming a member to sell to others. According to their 2014 income statistics 64% of the people who bought their products are strictly customers.

This proves that Melaleuca is not overly focused on getting people to recruit others for them to make a profit. They put a lot of focus on their products and make sure they are of the best quality.

So… Is It An MLM Or Not?

According to the definition of an MLM by just about everyone there is, YES Melaleuca is MLM. But this doesn’t mean they are “bad”.

MLM’s get a bad reputation because of all the scammy MLM’s out there that ruin if for everyone. The truth is that there are some very good and reputable MLM’s that offer products of value. Not every one you come across is just out there to make money and recruit as many people as possible.

Melaleuca knows darn well that they are MLM, they are just saying this “consumer based marketing” stuff to create distance from scam-filled MLM industry.

Melaleuca Complaints

Seeing complaints about the Melaleuca products isn’t something you will come across much. Like I said, their products are pretty darn good and I can’t complain. But one of the most common complaints you will come across with Melaleuca is that it is hard to cancel your membership.

If you go to Ripoff Report you can see a long list of people who are complaining about Melaleuca.

Hard To Cancel Membership

I am sure I am going to be getting some hasty comments because I am saying this. Some die-hard Melaleuca members have a a cult-like mindset and will tell you that this is a lie. But the truth is that MANY people have experienced ridiculous problems when they have tried to cancel their membership. And this has lead to them receiving and paying for products that they no longer wanted.

First off, they make it hard to do so. You have to fill out an online form. And then.. instead of submitting it right then and there online, you have to print it out and then fax it to them. This doesn’t really make much sense and the only way I see it is a way to make it harder to cancel.

There are many stories out there that you will find just searching the web from people who have been overcharged for months for products when their membership should have been canceled. People claim their bank accounts have been charged even when they don’t have the adequate funding, which causes overdraft charges. The amount of people who have had to cancel their credit cards just to stop being charged is no joke and cannot be overlooked.

Forced To Buy Products

Another common compliant is how with Melaleuca you are forced to buy a certain amount of products each month. They have a point system. And in order to keep your membership active you have to purchase and earn 35 points each month. The amount of money you have to spend to earn the 35 points each month is somewhere around $80.

A lot of people are against this because they are often left purchasing products that they don’t even want just so that they can stay a member.

I don’t really agree with this business practice, but then again, you knew that you had to do this when you signed up and you still went through with it. Its not like they don’t tell you this. They make it very clear before you sign up.

Final Thoughts On Melaleuca

Yes they are a MLM, no doubt about it. But they are on the better side of the MLM industry because they do focus on the product quality and not just recruitment and making as much money as possible.

That being said, there are plenty of complaints about people having trouble canceling their membership which would be something you would see on the shady side of the MLM industry. This makes me wonder where their priorities lay. Is it really necessary to make it so difficult? Are they just trying to make money and that is why its so hard? I don’t know.

There are some shady MLM practices mixed in with reputable and legitimate business practices. All in all I will leave the decision to sign up or not up to you. Its not the best opportunity out there but its also no a terrible opportunity.

Here Is How I Would Turn Green Living Into A Business

Green products are a hot topic and one that is only going to grow in the future as far as I see it.

By starting your own website and linking to products on another site like Amazon, you can get paid commissions for each one sold. This is called affiliate marketing. You don’t need to go out and talk to people face to face and bug everyone you know.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing and why its an awesome business to get into HERE.

Do you have anything to add to this review? Any questions? Concerns? Let me know in the comment section below…

Honest AdsConnect Review – Is It A Scam?

adsconnect review

adsconnect reviewIf you are wondering “is AdsConnect a scam?” and looking for an unaffiliated and honest review, then here you go. Most of the reviews you will see are written by people promoting this product and trying to earn commissions off of you buying it. But not me.

AdsConnect isn’t some incredible product that totally takes the guess work out of your sales funnel. People are saying that you are pretty much guaranteed an amazingly successful sales page, but in reality this is not true. AdsConnect isn’t some miracle product and its not going to make your rich overnight.

AdsConnect Review

  • Product: AdsConnect
  • Type: Sales funnel creation software (cloud based)
  • Price: $67/yearly, $97/lifetime (plus upsells)
  • Rating: 7/10 (For the price I would say its pretty good. You can easily copy and edit sales pages to make them your own)

To start off this AdsConnect review I want to go over who this product is really for and who can benefit from it. Many promoters will try to make it seem like its a good idea for anyone to go out and buy, but like I said many people are just trying to sell, sell, sell.

Who Is AdsConnect For?

Ads connect is for online marketers that are looking to make things easier when it comes to creating sales funnels as well as relevant ads that are to be used to direct traffic to the sales funnels. It makes it simple to test out variations of different sales funnel pages along with ads.

Basically to put it blunt for you, AdsConnect allows you to copy other people’s sales pages, edit a few things to make them unique, and use them for yourself.

So pretty much AdsConnect is for any online marketer out there really. Because we all create some form of sales funnel in one way or another right?

And one more important thing to mention is that AdsConnect is for online marketers with either their own websites , or with access to edit client’s websites. This is not for social media marketers and other forms of online marketers without websites.

What AdsConnect Does

AdsConnect helps you out with 3 things: creating sales funnels, creating ads for those sales funnels, and analyze the data to see what is working and what isn’t.

Sales Funnel Creation

Well it doesn’t really help you “create” sales funnels. Rather, it helps you edit existing sales funnels. If there is a sales page that you know is working well and that you want to mimic, then you can do so with AdsConnect. You can take that existing sales page from another website, edit images, titles, sales buttons, etc., and put it on your own website.

So pretty much you can take all that hard work that has been done creating that existing sales page and edit a few things to make it your own, or unique to what you are trying to sell.

You can also make multiple variations of your edited sales page in matter of seconds to test out how small changes can effect your sales.

Ads Creation

When you have a sales page that you think is ready to go. Now you need to drive traffic to that page. And of course on of the most common ways is through advertising, whether it be through Facebook, or private website advertising. With the ads creation tool that AdsConnect features you can easily create relevant ads for your newly made sales page.

These are picture ads and in the ads creation tool there are pictures available for you to use or you may upload your own. You will be able to easily put in pictures, text, buttons, etc in your ad and create it in a matter of minutes. There are even pre-done ad templates that you can choose from if you aren’t sure what to do.


Of course after you create sales funnel and ad variations you need to know how well they are performing. AdsConnect makes it simple to see how they are performing so that you know whether to edit, delete, or keep what you are doing.

The Downsides To AdConnect

I know it may sound really good so far, but there are some downsides that I am going to go over so that you aren’t spending money on something that might disappoint you.

Liability Issues

On the sales page it does make mention that users should not download and use data from any site they are not authorized to use. So make sure you do edit the copied sales funnels enough to make them unique so that you can’t get in legal trouble.

Ads Creation Tool Is Nothing Special

The ads creation tool does make it easy, but its nothing special. There are plenty of other ad creation tools out there that are as good, if not better.

But if you are interested in buying AdsConnect you are probably buying it more for the sales funnel, because that is where the hard work lies.


Just like pretty much any product out there, they try to first sell you on the lowest version of the product and then try to upsell you on more expensive versions.

With AdConnect you pay $67 yearly or $97 for lifetime. But there are 3 other upsells ranging from $27 to $97.

Don’t Think You Are Going To Go Out & Make Sales Like Crazy

A good ad and sales funnel are only part of the equation required to make lots of sales. The other part that is essential to making sales is your target audience. If you are targeting the wrong group of people you won’t be getting anyone to click on your ads, and if you do you probably won’t be getting anyone to read through your sales page and actually buy something.

I know that from Facebook advertising in particular, audience selection is KEY. There are literally millions of audience combinations you can target on Facebook and it is not an easy task to decide on. You might get lucky and you might not. I know from experience that you can blow through $1000’s on FB ads with the wrong audience, but when you hit it right you can bring in even more money.

A good ad and sales page is great, but you need more than just that.

Is AdsConnect A Scam?

No its not. Its actually a pretty cool software in my opinion and I can definitely see the usefulness of it. It would have been a good purchase for me in particular when I was just starting out online marketing and I wasn’t any good with sales pages or anything like that. If I had it back then I could have copied professional sales pages and made them my own easily, instead of creating crappy sales pages like I did at the time.

So is it worth the money? Ultimately that is up to you to decide. I think its a good software that definitely has some benefits.

What Do You Think About This Review? Do You Have Anything You Can Add That Would Benefit Readers? Or Do You Have Any Comments? Questions? Leave Them Below In The Comment Section…

Is Earning Station A Scam? Here Is What You Need to Know

is Earning Station a scam

is Earning Station a scamIf you are looking to make some extra money online you may be considering Earning Station. But before you sign up you need to know is Earning Station a scam? And that is what I am here for. I am a member of Earning Station and I am writing this review so that people know what they are getting into before they sign up.

So first off…

What The Heck Is Earning Station?

Earning Station is a Get Paid To (GPT) site where you can get paid for doing simple things like completing short surveys, completing offer, watching videos, and more. SwagBucks is one of the most popular GPT sites so if you have heard of them then you know what to expect.

They are a market research company that pays you for your opinion basically. Businesses pay big money for other companies to conduct market research and Earning Station is one of these companies that gets paid to do so. Then they pay you a small slice of that money to participate in there research via surveys, etc.

Its a pretty cool concept and completely free to sign up for.

All The Ways You Can Earn Money

There are a bunch of ways that Earning Station gives you to earn some money, but I’m just going to go over the main ways.


Of course Earning Station is going to offer surveys. Its one of the most straightforward way to get your opinions. They offer their own surveys and also host surveys from third party research companies.

There surveys are what I would consider normal for this industry. You can expect them to take anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes and earn anywhere from 50 – 250 StationDollars (which I’ll go over how much they are worth shortly)


Earning Station offers tasks that you can complete to earn money. They can be put in 2 categories, free offers and paid offers.

The free offers usually consist of you having to sign up for something that is free. For example signing up for another GPT site similar to Earning Station or signing up to an email list somewhere. These free offers don’t pay much. You can expect 100 StationDollars, give or take.

You can earn more from the paid offers, but as you can imagine, you usually have to pay to complete them. These include things like buying a membership or signing up for free trials. The free trials are free but you still have to enter your credit card info.


Earning Station partners with a bunch of different online retailers that you can shop at and get cashback on your purchases. You simply click on the store you want to shop at and shop there. If a purchase qualifies for cashback you will receive some money in your account.

Watching Videos

Watching videos sounds pretty awesome but its not really. There are lots of videos available for you to watch and they range usually from 1-3 minutes.  You will be rewarded with 2 measly StationDollars after watching 10 videos, which is pretty much nothing.

Promo Codes

If you follow them on social media you will see that they post Earning Station codes every once in a while. You can redeem these codes for free Station Dollars.

Refer Other People

Just like every site like this out there you can get paid to refer other people to join Earning Station. You will receive 10% of every referrals’ earnings for life.

Referring other people usually isn’t worth it unless you have a massive social media account or a website with a lot of traffic or something of this sort so that you can refer mass amounts of people.

How Much Is A StationDollar Worth?

Each StationDollar is worth 1 cent. So for every 100 StationDollars you have $1 real U.S. dollar.

So for the 10-30 minute surveys that are offered that pay you 50-250 StationDollars you earn $0.50 to $2.50. Its not that much but its decent compared to some other GPT sites.

How You Get Paid

The payout threshold is $10, so you will need 1,000 StationDollars before you are able to cash out.

You can cash out via gift cards once you reach that amount. They have Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc. And if you are looking for faster rewards you can get cash via PayPal.

Earning Station Complaints

There is nothing out of the ordinary here. The complaints you will find on Earning Station are ones you will find for any site of this kind.

Not qualifying for surveys is a big pain that you might experience, but its this way for any site. You might start to take a survey and find out that you don’t qualify after you have already started it and this can be very annoying. To help avoid this make sure you answer your profile survey truthfully so that they can appropriately match you with surveys.

Terrible support is another thing you might experience. Hopefully every thing goes okay for you but if you find yourself in need of contacting support you might get a headache because its not very good. This is simply because they don’t have a big enough staff to provide support in a timely manner.

Not receiving points is another complaint you will find online. There is always the possibility of glitches in the system where you might not get credit for taking a survey or something. This is rare and it has never happened to me but it is still a possibility.

Is Earning Station A Scam? Final Thoughts

Ok, well obviously its not a scam. Earning Station is a decent GPT site where you can earn real cash for doing simple things online. Although I would still recommend SwagBucks overall, its still a good option for making a little extra money in your spare time.

Just don’t think you will be making a lot of money. A site like this is only good for making little extra money. If you are looking for a real job online where you can potentially earn a full-time income then check out my #1 recommendation.

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Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Training Programs

the best affiliate marketing training

the best affiliate marketing trainingEver considered affiliate marketing as a way to make some extra cash online or even as a potential career choice? Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and it is my main source of online income.

If you are interested in getting started in affiliate marketing you are wise to look for some formal training. This is how I got started and how many others do. It is possible to get started on your own with nothing more than Google and some extra money, but you are going to encounter lots more obstacles and roadblocks that way. With a good training program you can avoid many failures and get started on a proven path that will work.

I have been affiliate marketing since 2015 and have been able to turn it into a full-time income. I have also tried and tested various training programs and reviewed many others. With my knowledge in this industry I have put together a list of what I consider to be the top 3 affiliate marketing training programs.

These programs that I have chosen to list below are all geared toward all the beginners out there. They are easy to follow and they also don’t cost much compared to other programs out there.

Note: None of these programs will magically make you money. You have to put in the work to be successful.

3 Best Affiliate Training Programs


wealthy affiliate logo

Wealthy Affiliate is my favorite of any affiliate training program I have tried or reviewed. Their training style is very easy to follow and in a step-by-step manner, with lots of easy to understand video tutorials on what to do. They also provide tools to help get you started, such as 2 free blogs + hosting, a keyword research tool, and more.

There are two memberships you can get at WA, the Starter Membership and the Premium Membership. The Starter Membership is free for life and with that you will get some of the training along with 2 free blogs and limited use of the keyword research tool. Its an excellent way to get started without spending a dime and I have not come across any other program that offers a free membership. The Premium Membership costs $49/month or $359/year and will give you access to everything at WA including unlimited website hosting, 1,000’s of training tutorials, 13 classrooms, live weekly video training, 1 on 1 coaching, live chat, website technical support, and more.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is the best I have seen for programs like this. The forums are very active and it is a great place to communicate with other affiliate markets and learn all sorts of new things. The information you can learn from like minded individuals is infinite and this community aspect is a huge help and another reason why I rank Wealthy Affiliate as #1.

To learn more or sign up for free visit

Or read my full review here

UPDATE: As of this year (2017) Wealthy Affiliate is now offering free SSL certificates for Premium Members. To put it simply, this makes your website more secure and would normally cost anywhere from $100 – $500 a year.


affilorama logoAffilorama is right up there with Wealthy Affiliate and is very similar. Here you get training, support, and the tools you need to succeed. Also, like WA, they offer step-by-step video training, which in my opinion is the best kind of training you can have.

There are two memberships offered here, Basic and Premium. The Basic is a free membership, but as you can see below you will only get access to just over 100 video lessons, the members forum, and some free tools. The Premium membership you get a lot more. One thing that isn’t shown on the list below is the Affilotools that comes with the Premium membership in which you get access to a bunch of analytics tools for your sites.

Training on product creation is one thing that is offered here that my #1 pick doesn’t offer. Personally, I would rather sell other people’s products, but if you are into the task of creating your own then this is a good program.


As you can see the Premium Membership is a bit more pricey than Wealthy Affiliate’s, costing $67  per month after the first month.

Besides the memberships, Affilorama also has additional products that you have to buy seperately. They have what they call AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack. AffiloBlueprint ($197 one time payment) is what it sounds like, a blueprint that outlines what to do to be successful. AffiloJetpack ($997 one time payment) is very similar, just it includes done-for-you things so that you don’t have to do as much.

The community at Affilorama is decent, but its nothing special. Its is not nearly as active as that of Wealthy Affililiate, nor is it as organized. This is one of the main reasons I rank Affilorama as #2. The community aspect is a major plus when it comes to learning, there is infinite knowledge that you can learn just from chatting with other affiliate marketers.

To learn more or sign up visit

Or read my full review here


chris farrell membership logoThe Chris Farrell Membership is yet another at the top of my list and, like the other 2 listed above, it is great for beginners. It consists of a 21 day training program filled with video tutorials and more. This program goes through how you can become a successful affiliate marketer by following in the footsteps of Chris Farrell himself.

With this program there is only one membership that you can get, but the price depends on whether you pay monthly or annually. This membership includes all Chris Farrell has to offer. You get all the necessary training in traffic generation, creating a site, leveraging Facebook, etc. And one thing that I really like about this program is that it offers live video training weekly (just like WA). I find live training very helpful because you are able to chat in real-time and ask questions and so on.

The one main thing that I have a problem with for this program, once again, is the community. The forum is very dull. Its not as organized as it could be and there just isn’t all that much engagement. Like I’ve said earlier, I think having an active community forum is a massive help that many people overlook. There is infinite knowledge to be gained just from talking with other people in the business.

My second problem with this program is the outdated content. Most of it is up to date, but there are areas that could be updated more frequently. Just to give you an example that you can see before signing up.. if you go to the sales page you will see that it says it is updated so that the traffic techniques work today (2015), as if it is still 2015. There are also some other examples that make it seem as if the entire sales page hasn’t been updated since 2015, but who knows. Anyway, most of the training is up to date its just that it could be more so.

To learn more or sign up visit

Or read my full review here

Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Choice

The affiliate marketing business model is a great choice for beginners looking to make money online. Why do I say it is so great? Well… because there is lots of potential to make money, you help sell other people’s products and this way you don’t have to go through the pain of product creation and all of that, and you can get started with very little start-up cost.

The online marketing world is still full of untapped potential. Affiliate marketing has been around for a while but it is still as lucrative as ever due to the growing number of internet users and people buying things online.

If you are interested in beginning affiliate marketing you can sign up for one of the programs I listed above or you can read more about why affiliate marketing is awesome and how to get started here.

Is Global Income Reset a Scam? You Should Read This!

The Global Income Reset program claims to be an amazing opportunity to make money online, but can it be trusted? ABSOLUTELY NOT. This Global Income Reset scam has got to stop, its nothing more than a variation of another scam that I have reviewed recently called Financial Health Reset.

Note: This Global Income Reset claims to be a program that the billionaire Mark Cuban helped to create, but in actuality he has nothing to do with it. 

 What Global Income Reset Is All About

Posting links to products for companies is how they tell you that you will be making your money. They tell you that companies are desperate for people like you to post links for them at home.

And this is true. Its called affiliate marketing. And you can get paid by posting links online. But there is much more to it then what they tell you about. Pretty much they only tell you good things that you want to hear.

How It Works

The basics of what you do in affiliate marketing is post links to products for a seller, such as Amazon. You best way to go about posting these links is to set up a website and get people to first visit there, then be redirected to the sellers via the affiliate links that you post.

The business model is simple to understand. You help drive more traffic to the seller via your links, and the seller pays you a commission for each sale you help make.

Its Not How They Tell You It Is

You don’t get paid just for posting links. You get paid when someone clicks the link and buys the product from the seller you are promoting it for. This is a pretty big difference from what they tell you because they act like you get paid just for posting a link which takes a minute or so.

There is NO way of guessing how much money a link can make you. Its IMPOSSIBLE. It depends on the amount of people who click that link and the amount who actually continue to purchase the product. Many links you post will earn you a big fat $0. And others could earn you thousands… It all depends and can vary greatly.

They act like all you have to do is go out and spam a bunch of links everywhere and you will make money. But this just isn’t going to happen.


I Specialize In This, I Know Its a Scam

Affiliate marketing is how I make a full-time income online, you can learn more about how you can too here if you want.

You can’t make money affiliate marketing by just going out and spamming links everywhere. I mean, if you have social media sites with hundreds of thousands of followers you might be able to make some good sales, but for the majority of people like me, this won’t even come close to working.

You can learn how to legitimately start affiliate marketing here

What They Give You Isn’t Going To Help

Apparently they give you some pre-built websites if you decide to buy into this program but don’t get carried away with this. Its not going to do you any good.

In order for the websites to be of any value to you, you will need traffic. You need to first drive traffic to the websites in the first place so that people can then click your links. But they say nothing about getting traffic, and without that you won’t make a penny.

Global Income Reset is a Scam.. Final Thoughts

What they tell you about affiliate marketing is very misleading and will not work out. Link posting via spamming links everywhere just isn’t how things work. Just think about it.. how often do you click on spam links that are posted on forums, social media, etc? Probably very rarely.

Other than that there isn’t much more to say here. Its a scam without a doubt.

Btw here is another basically duplicate scam to this out there called Financial Health Reset that you need to be aware of.

MTTB 21 Step Program Scam – What You Should Know Before Buying Into It

mttb 21 step program scam

mttb 21 step program scamWhen I talk about the MTTB 21 Step Program scam I am probably not talking about it in the way that you think. While I do find some aspects very “scam-like”, there are things that are good too. In this short post I want to warn those who are looking to buy into this that it probably isn’t what they are expecting.

Note: MTTB stands for My Top Tier Business and is part of the MOBE program. MOBE  has changed names several times over the years from My Online Business Empire, to My Online Business Education, and now I think it is currently My Own Business Educations.

Do You Really Know What You Are Getting Yourself Into?

Probably not.

This difficulty of being successful with this program is WAY undersold. Much of the people promoting this program  are just trying to earn a commission off of you. They tell you exactly what you want to hear…. that you can be making all sorts of money from home and have the ability to live a life of luxury.

The fact of the matter is that most people trying to make money online fail to ever make notable earnings. And when you have inflated expectations of a program like this the percentage will be even higher due to the discouragement you will experience having found out its not as it was advertised.

I am not saying that the MTTB program itself is a flat out scam. Instead what I am saying here is that many of the people promoting it are pretty much scamming you because they aren’t giving you the whole picture. They sell you on a fairy-tale that more than likely isn’t going to work out.

Why So Much Self Promotion?

Much of the training and focus in the 21 step program is to promote the same program to other people in order to earn a commission.

While most affiliate programs are free to join and to be a part of, the MOBE affiliate program is different. With all of their products you must first purchase them before you can promote them to others. This is commonplace in the MLM world which makes me a little more suspicious of the big picture here.

Both the commission structure of MOBE as well as the training itself make promoting MOBE the better option for those who sign up. And this is why there are so many people going crazy promoting it instead of using the training to build an online business in their own right.

The 21 Steps & What They Focus On

Like I said, many of these steps are primarily focused on getting you to go out there and sell the MOBE products to other people.


  • Step 1: How To Make 6 Figures in Your First Year With Top Tier
    • Here they try to get you as pumped up as possible to go out there and sell MOBE. They talk about the huge commissions of up to $9,000 that you can earn from selling just one of their products. This is basically an intro that is designed to get you in the mood to begin the process.
  • Step 2: Discover the Missing Ingredient 99% Miss in Business Success
    • Its true, the large majority of people fail in the online world. This step tells you that its because the business models that most people use set them up for failure. At MOBE they teach you differently than a lot of places on how to get traffic and ultimately make that sale.
  • Step 3: How to Unlock Your Millionaire Mindset
    • This is kind of another step that is focused on getting you in the mood to go out there and kill it. They talk about the “millionaire mindset” and how you have to change your way of thinking if you want to be successful. There are a lot of “make money programs” that talk like this and although I think that mindset plays a huge part in success, I don’t particularly care for people claiming that their way is the only way of thinking.
  • Step 4: Why 85% of Franchises Succeed While Most Other Businesses Fail
    • Here they tell you about why its better to be in a franchise rather than going into business for yourself. This is true because all you have to do is basically manage a business that is already known and trusted. This step is pretty much buttering you up for step 5.
  • Step 5: What is Even More Lucrative Than a Franchise Model
    • Now they are going to tell you about how MOBE is even more lucrative than a franchise. You don’t have to worry about MOBE itself at all. They are already managed and have everything under control. All you have to do is try to drive traffic to them.  I still don’t like how they don’t try to help you figure out what you could build for yourself.
  • Step 6: How to License a Proven & Profitable Online Business
    • And here it comes.. They tell you about how you can sell products for a proven successful business, which of course is MOBE. They claim that the success rate of people promoting MOBE is very high, but there is no good proof of this.
  • Step 7: How to Get the Expert Support You Need to Succeed
    • At this step they go over how you will get your personal coach that is going to help you achieve success. But I have heard that this personal coach is more like a salesman trying to upsell you on more MOBE products. There is also a private FB group that is gone over, but I wouldn’t get too excited about it. There are around 9,000 members and its not exactly the tight knit group you would think of.

And you get the point. What I am trying to show here is that these 21 steps are overwhelmingly focused on promoting MOBE to other people rather than creating your own successful online business.

The other steps 8-21 include…

  • Step 8: How to Get Paid Quickly and Easily with MOBE
  • Step 9: How to Get $3,000 Commissions With No Extra Work
  • Step 10: How to Get $5,000 Commissions With No Extra Work
  • Step 11: How to Get a New Mercedes Benz Paid for Every Month
  • Step 12: How the Phone Sales Team Makes You Money
  • Step 13: How the MOBE Team Builds Your Business Everyday
  • Step 14: How to Make 5x More Money Without Any Additional Work
  • Step 15: How Goals are the GPS to Your Success
  • Step 16: How to Create Success Faster with Helping Hands
  • Step 17:How to Finance Your New Business Venture
  • Step 18: How to Get Steady Streams of Traffic Visitors 24/7
  • Step 19: How to Get Access to Even More Opportunities
  • Step 20:Discover Your Why and Manifest Your Success For Life
  • Step 21: Discover a Special One-Time Offer, You Don’t Want to Miss

Is The Training Any Good?

I would say that the training is pretty good from what I can tell. Although I have not personally purchased this product I have seen many promotions for MOBE products and some are extremely professional and are able to bring a lot of people in to buy MOBE for themselves.

Its not like I am criticizing the online marketing methods taught here. There is training in traffic generation, sales funnels, and everything. I am just criticizing the focus of the training. The entire course, again, is focused on MOBE promotion.

Just Know Its Not Going To Be Easy

You can’t trust every MOBE promotion that you see out there. There are going to be a lot of people telling you how easy it is, how easy you can make all sorts of money online, how you can quite your day job and start making a full-time income in weeks… but its just not that easy.

Most people fail in the online world and its no different if you are going to try to promote MOBE. Everyone that earns thousands per week has probably been with them for years. It is very difficult for newcomers to get involved with and become successful, but I’m not saying its impossible.

Is Take Surveys For Cash a Scam? Yes Sir It Is & I’ll Tell You Why

is takesurveysforcash a scam

is takesurveysforcash a scamDid Jason White really find some “weird” trick to make $3,500 a month taking paid surveys? Or is TakeSurveysForCash a scam? Spoiler Alert… its a scam and you sure as heck aren’t going to be making anywhere near $3,500 a month with this product he is trying to sell you.

This guy is a liar and I’m going to show you why…

$500 For One Survey? Ya Right!

Jason claims that his “weird” trick that he discovered took him from earning $3 per survey to over $500 per survey. This is a very ridiculous claim and its even more ridiculous when you take a deeper look into it.

Below there is an image I took directly from the website that shows a $500 check he supposedly got. If you just glance at it you might not catch anything. But if you look closely it is obvious that the “$500.00” amount seems out of place. The writing there is much darker and much more in focus than all the other writing on the check. The reason for this is because it is a photo shopped image.

Another problem with this $500 check is where it came from. If you look closely below the check you will see that it comes from SurveySavvy, which is a paid survey site. I have written a review of Survey Savvy and believe me, they aren’t paying out even close to $500. The most you can expect to earn per survey there is $5, and thats at the higher end of things.

Survey Savvy conducts what I would consider your “basic” online surveys. Nothing special, just short little non-invasive surveys. And there is no way they can afford to payout as much as this guy claims. Its just not how things work.

Wow, This Guy Is Horrible At Math

Nothing this guy says makes sense. First he claims that he makes over $3,500 per month taking paid surveys. ..

If you average that out to a yearly salary that is $42,000.

But then Mr. White claims that he gets $500 surveys every single day! This is crazy. If he were making $500 per day the yearly salary hear would be over $180,000.

So whats the deal. Is Jason just not completing the $500 surveys that he gets each day? Is he just too lazy? No, I think not. I think this is just a scam that isn’t as well thought out as it could be.

How much does Take Surveys For Cash cost?


“Wow thats a reduction in price. Its half off. But its still too much for me. I think I’m going to leave this website.”

And when you exit out of the page a pop-up appears with an offer that is hard to refuse. Now its available for only $27!take-surveys-for-cash-discount

“But this is still just a bit too much for me. I’m just going to leave.”

Hold on, whats this? Another discount. Thats right, this is the third discount on this product. Now I can get it for only $12.


Discounts like these are very common of online scams. Sure there are legitimate businesses that discount prices, but 3 times? Thats a definite red flag in my book.

Final Thoughts

Obviously before you even came to my page and read this post you were suspicious of Take Surveys For Cash. And rightly so, this place really tries to sweep you off your feet and tells you everything that you want to hear. Basically you leave their sales page wondering if this incredible opportunity could possibly be true?

And I think its pretty obvious that there are too many uncertainties here to be able to trust this place. Its just too risky. I mean sure, I didn’t actually buy this product, but for good reason. I mean just think about everything I just when over. The $500 check is a fake, the amount of money this guy makes doesn’t add up, and there are 3 discounts on the price as a far reach to try everything to get you to buy into this product.

Anyway. I hope you take my advice and stay away from what Jason White is trying to sell you.

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The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords – You Better Be Using Them

benefits of long tail keywordsIt doesn’t really matter what kind of online business you run, everyone should know the benefits of long tail keywords. And its not all just about traffic. I mean sure, long tail keywords are a must when it comes to organic traffic generation, but they are more than just a good way to get traffic.

What Makes Long Tail Keywords So Great For Traffic Generation

Long tail keywords are great for generating organic search engine traffic due to one reason…lack of competition.

As you should know, when you type in a search term into Google and the results come up, these results aren’t just picked at random. The websites that are ranking near the top of Google for these terms are fighting tooth and nail to outrank the other sites, because with higher rankings you will get more traffic.

Keyword ranking is a battlefield and you will get slaughtered if you don’t know what you are doing.

Less Competition = Winning

If you target short tail keywords you are never going to win unless you have some massive website that has been around for years and has lots of authority, but chances are you don’t.

Targeting a keyword like “men’s basketball shoes” is going to be a fight that you won’t win. There are over 5.5 million search results in Google for this keyword. Don’t even bother trying to compete for that.

So what do you do if you are trying to sell men’s basketball shoes online and you can’t target the main keyword? Resort to long tail keywords of course. Take your original keyword and make it more specific.

If some of the men’s basketball shoes you are selling Converse, then target the keyword “Converse men’s basketball shoes” or something of that nature.

As you can see below, just adding one extra word to the search term dramatically lowered the amount of search results, which means less competition.

And of course this is a very basic example of the relationship between specificity and competition. You might be able to add multiple words on that make your search term more specific, thus having less competition. It all depends.

Its Not Just About Traffic, Think About Conversions Too

Not only are long tail keywords a necessity when it comes to driving organic search traffic to your website, but they are also great for conversions. And really if you just think about it you will understand.

Lets say you have a website that sells or promotes guitars and you write an article on the Les Paul guitar. Of course Google will rank you for keywords naturally, but lets say you don’t specifically target any keyword. And lets be very unrealistic and say you rank very high in Google for the keyword “Les Paul guitar”, which isn’t going to happen.

This keyword is obviously very general. You are trying to sell the guitar here but you are going to be getting all sorts of traffic from that search term. You will be getting tons of people that have no interest at all in buying the guitar, many of them probably just searched it to see what it was.

That general keyword is not going to convert well at all. But now lets say you get more specific with your target keyword. Lets say you target “used gibson les paul guitars for sale”. Now we are talking. Not only does this keyword specify the condition of the guitars you are writing about, but it also is directly targeting buyers. Only buyers are going to look up “for sale” and your conversion rates are going to be much better from this keyword than the other.

How To Find The Perfect Long Tail Keyword

If you just go out and think you are going to come up with great long tail keywords just by making terms more specific think again. I showed you how there was much less competition in Google for “converse men’s basketball shoes” than there was for “men’s basketball shoes”, but that was just to get the point across. This still doesn’t tell you much of anything about how easy it is going to be to rank for that keyword.

Without a doubt you are going to need to use a keyword research tool if you aren’t already. With a good keyword research tool you can type in any keyword and find out how much competition there is for that exact term, how many searches there are for it, how much traffic you can expect from it if you get ranked, and more.

Personally I use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool, but there are lots others out there. You can read my review of Jaaxy here. The reason I use this one is because it provides everything I need to know about a keyword so that I can decide whether its a good one to target or not.

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