250K Freedom Class Review – Beware!! Must Read This First

250K Freedom Class review

  • Name: 250K Freedom Class
  • Owners: Billy Darr, Norbey Broquis, Amir Hacham
  • Website: 250kfreedomclass.com
  • Rating: 2/10 (Not worth it)

Make money on autopilot, could this be real!? Ehhhhh.. Just read my 250K Freedom Class review and find out. This program isn’t what it seems to be and I consider it a scam. In this review I’ll be pointing out a few things that you should know before you make a decision on this product.

First I’ll go over what its is very briefly, then I’ll get into the “scammy” activity that is suspicious.

What is 250K Freedom Class?

Its a step by step blueprint that shows you how to make wealth online just like Billy Darr did. And Billy Darr claims he made $516 a day with no tech skills, no list, and no website.

If you purchase this blueprint you will get the following information

  • 11 video tutorials
  • How to set up your automated money machine
  • How to get free targeted traffic
  • The secret of how Billy Darr makes money on demand

Billy Darr makes it very clear that absolutely no technical skills are needed. He says that it is a program that is great for newbies and that they can start earning money immediately using this system.

It all sounds a little too easy and just too good to be true. And this is because it probably is.

There are a lot of red flags with this program and I’m going to point out 4 of them that you should think about before you make a decision on this.

Red Flag #1 – Insanely Easy Earnings

Scams always start out like this. Always. They suck people in by making them believe that its the most simple thing ever and that they will be able to generate life changing amounts of cash all by doing just about nothing.

In this case, Billy Darr claims that his income is all automatic with this program. After you get it set up initially, you just sit back and watch the money flow in.

The simplicity of making money with this programs is definitely suspicious, buts its not enough to say if its a scam or not. But this is just one of many red flags that are apparent to me.

Red Flag #2 – Bank Statements

There are bank statements posted on this site. They are supposed to be proof that this system is really working. They show that people are actually making money off of this right?

Are bank statements proof?

Well they are. But the problem is that you have no idea of these are real or not. It is not that difficult at all to make a fake statement and post it online. If I wanted to I could make statements like they show here in less than 20 minutes easily. All you would have to do to make this statement is take a screenshot of your Paypal account and paste in a some numbers for the fake payments that you received.250K Freedom Class proof

There is absolutely no way of knowing if these statements are real or not.

Red Flag #3 – Hurry Up Timer

This is a classic that I see in just about every scam. There is a timer that says you have to hurry up and sign up in a short amount of time. If you don’t the offer will go away.

This is to get you to sign up without spending much time thinking about it. The less time you spend thinking about it the less chance you have at realizing its not worth it.

The timer at 250K Freedom Class started at around 12 minutes or something like that (it might have been 15 min). So I let it run the whole way down until there was no time left. 250K Freedom Class timer

And guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. I could have still signed up and bought the product if I wanted to. The button was still there and active.

This is nothing more than a trick that gets people to sign up and pay without a second thought.

Besides this timer that was at the top of the screen. There is another one that is located on the button where you click to purchase the product.250K Freedom Class Buy Now

As you can see it says there are only 10 hours and 40 minutes left that I can purchase it at the special price of only $7. But then beneath that it says that the price will increase with every sale.

So is the price going to increase with every say? Or is this price going to be there for another 10 hours and 40 minutes? Which is it?

What these 2 things say is conflicting and doesn’t make any sense.

Anyway, I know that the timer (10 hours and 40 minutes) is a lie for sure. Because I was on this site a day ago just checking it over and it said a similar time. Its been well over that time since I got back on the site and its still saying that I have time left.

These are once again just some tactics used to get you to rush into buying mode and pay without any second thought.

Red Flag #4 – Billy Darr Doesn’t Exactly Have a Good Record

Billy Darr, the creator of this program, really doesn’t have a good track record. If you Google his name you will find all sorts of negative reviews and comments about this guy.

He operated 2 other “get rich quick” programs recently that failed, Clickbank Heist and Big Money Payday. Both of these programs are no longer available and did not last long at all. The websites that they were being sold on are shut down.

I don’t know the reason for their shutdown. Were they forced to close? Where they just not selling? Who knows, but they are shut down now and thats what happens to bad products.

There are reviews of both Clickbank Heist and Big Money Payday that you can read online. It sounds like they are the SAME THING as 250K Freedom Class, just with different names.

They both were a program to let you in on some “secret” that Billy Darr was using to make a bunch of money. They contained video tutorials and other information to get you started.

If you look up either of these programs you will not find good reviews. The only good reviews you will find are obviously fake and were made to try to sell the product.

The bottom line here is that Billy Darr is not trustworthy. He is always promoting this easy get rich quick crap and it doesn’t seem to be working out.

Is 250K Freedom Class a SCAM?

Well, I am not paying for this product so I don’t know how good it actually is. But there is enough evidence for me to assume that this is a scam.

It sounds too good to be true, it uses a bunch of common scam tactics, and its run by a known scammer. Thats enough to get me to back away and avoid this program.

All of his past programs have disappeared just as fast as they started. And they didn’t just disappear quietly. The only remnants left behind are negative reviews and comments along with fake testimonials (obviously fake).


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